Offshore Software Development Services

Scale your development efforts flexibly, and cost-efficiently. If you are looking for professional offshore software development services, Urolime is the right place.

Urolime is one of the full-stack offshore development companies with a customer-centric lean methodology approach. The flexible collaboration model, we can work with you at any stage of your SDLC.

With seamless communication, our client enjoys fast and easy access to the deliverables at different stages. It allows us to offer solutions tailored to meet your needs. Clients no longer have to compromise on quality and find offshore software development for projects of any complexity.

Why to hire an Offshore Development team?

Over 12 years in software development, our portfolio is broad. We have accumulated the skills and experience to deliver robust services to clients around the world.


Reduce Development Costs

Reduce development costs by up to 50%, increase your operational efficiency, making your business model more flexible.


Embrace the Digital Transformation

Adapt to changing market demands with the most agile and innovative technologies like; DevOps, blockchain, IoT, RPA, and the cloud.


Technical Expertise

Trends in the IT industry are changing rapidly. However, in offshore development, you can find professionals who specialize in any technology or programming language.


Customized solutions

Customized solutions as per the business needs.

How outsourcing to Urolime works?

The Offshore Dedicated Team Model we practice is the best option for a long-term collaboration when you have a large volume of work on cards.

For such a situation,a highly specialized dedicated team based on collaboration is the ideal option. It enables the seamless execution of large projects.

At Urolime, we have a pool of highly skilled developers. To increase developer productivity, we follow a dedicated development center. This approach helps us to accomplish projects in a phased manner and reduce development costs. The Urolime team is optimally designed for on-time delivery, cost reduction, and ensuring quality.

Factors to Consider

Cloud Consulting Services

Designing the Right Solution

to keep your business running smoothly

Cloud services Consulting

Transparent Contract

Experience a risk-free contract that prioritizes your needs with clear terms and conditions and competitive prices for transparency and trust.

Cloud migration Consulting

Recruitment and Upgrading

Choose the best-shortlisted profiles comprising technical and collaborative skills.

Cloud migration Consulting

Agile Governance

Build a strong sprint-to-sprint collaboration as we measure progress, hone our skills, and relentlessly focus on your business objectives.

Urolime Benefits


Low Price and Variable Cost

Urolime can help you get this service at a fraction of the market cost. You also don't have to worry about paying salaries to the employees who work for you. You hire professionals for a variable rate, depending on the work they do.



One of the important rules for today's businesses is continuous availability. Offshore company Urolime continues to operate 24/7. This increases the chances of increasing conversions and sales.


The Cost Stability

is also one of the benefits that we pass on to our clients - You get stable prices that eliminate unforeseen expenses down the road by precisely planning your operating costs and capital purchases.

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