5 Mistakes To Avoid While Implementing DevOps

Have you embarked on the journey of chasing DevOps Transformation? DevOps is increasingly recognized as a strong pillar of digital transformation and the staggering increase in the number of organizations adopting DevOps reaffirms the same. The countless benefits associated with the platform have catalyzed it into a movement that is rapidly spreading throughout the tech […]

5 Hottest Wireless Technology Trends in 2019

Wide scope of 5th Generation (5g) Cellular Network in Various Sectors Fifth generation (5g) cellular network is the most awaited development of wireless technology in 2019.It has been established as the fastest running cellular network in the planet, which is nearly 100 times faster than its predecessor, the 4th generation (4g) cellular network. The 5g […]

Improving DevOps with Bots

DevOps has emerged to be the mainstream focus in redefining the world of software and infrastructure engineering and operations over the last few years.DevOps is all about developing a culture of CAMS: a culture of automation, measurement, and sharing. The staggering popularity of the platform is attributed to the numerous benefits it brings in terms […]

How to Implement DevOps in Legacy System?

With game-changers like Big Data and cloud computing taking over the business, its pace is increasing dramatically. It has also impacted the dynamics of software development life cycle. As a result organizations are required to release and deploy new features at a rapid rate. This leads to frequent application release in stark contrast to the […]

Selenium Automation Testing

Automation testing is becoming popular in the software development lifecycle because of the advantages it offers. There are different tools available when it comes to testing the software application, but the first automation tool that comes to the mind of testers is Selenium. Selenium is a portable framework for testing web applications. The features what […]

Best Testing Tools for DevOps

With the adoption of DevOps methodology, it created a significant change in the workflows of those organisations that adopted it. DevOps is the practice in which the developers an operations departments work together to achieve a common goal for the organisation. However, DevOps adoption is not that easy as it requires great skills, leadership qualities, […]

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