AWS Cost Optimization – Unveiling Strategies and Tools for Optimizing Cloud Costs

Modern and scalable applications can be built on AWS through efficiently managing costs. AWS consistently introduces and integrates the latest technologies in all solution areas, enabling to fulfill high-performance requirements and scale effectively at reduced expenses. With a range of pricing options, AWS offers the flexibility to tailor the purchase plan to align with the […]

Future of Kubernetes and its Impact on Technology Industry

Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source container orchestration platform which automates the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. Its creation can be traced back to Google’s internal container orchestration system,  called Borg.In 2014, Google open-sourced a version of Borg which is called Kubernetes. A kubernetes cluster is a set of machines, called nodes, that are […]

Introduction to Lift-and-Shift Cloud Migration

Lift-and-shift migration involves the relocation of existing data and applications from an on-site setup to a cloud-based environment without significant alterations. This method prioritizes quick migration with minimal disruption, making it beneficial when a complete overhaul for cloud-native operation isn’t feasible. Cloud consulting companies play a crucial role in facilitating this process. In the lift-and-shift […]

AWS CodeWhisperer: A Quick Start for Cloud Development with AWS Tools

What is AWS CodeWhisperer? AWS CodeWhisperer is a flexible code generator with machine learning features. It works by examining your current code and comments, making real-time code suggestions as you type. These suggestions, aligned with your specific requirements, can range from brief comments to entire code functions. CodeWhisperer aids you by providing suggestions while you […]

Effective Methods for an Effective Production Cluster

With the rapid rise of containerization, Kubernetes continues to play a leading role in reshaping the landscape of application development. While Kubernetes offers a forward-looking container solution to enhance productivity, real-world use cases suggest that relying solely on its out-of-the-box services for containerizing application development may not always be the most optimal approach. To fully […]

Essential DevOps Metrics and KPIs to Drive Success

In the realm of modern software development, achieving success relies on the effective application of DevOps practices. In this ever-evolving environment, it’s vital to utilize the right measurements and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to lead an organization to success. These key DevOps metrics and KPIs act as beacons on the path to success, guiding teams […]

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