Urolime as a software testing company brings a unique combination of test processes, technological know-how and tools, as well as domain knowledge, to ensure that products are delivered error-free within a time frame. Entrusting development and testing to two different teams has many advantages. You will receive an objective and impartial assessment of your application.

By outsourcing quality assurance, the time to error detection is shortened and the process is accelerated. Urolime Software Testing Services are designed to meet challenges such as functionality testing, usability, performance, security, and cross-device compatibility of your applications in the digital domain. We work with clients on various methods like Agile, Iterative or DevOps to offer digital testing services of their websites or mobile applications and to ensure faster time to market of their digital software/applications.

For more than 10 years, Urolime has been helping clients create world-class digital experiences. We offer fully managed testing solutions for more flexible response, we work with businesses to give our clients the confidence they need to produce great digital products. From one specialist tester to a scalable team of test analysts, we find the right approach to fit your requirement.

From one dedicated software tester to a growing team of test analysts, we'll find the right approach for your needs. Urolime offers a comprehensive suite of software testing services that cover both functional and non-functional testing. We focus on a customer-centric approach to provide advanced and innovative solutions. The team has the expertise to manage Agile testing and combination testing with an adaptable approach to provide consistency in software testing service. You can take our team of highly skilled and trained professionals with domain authority in various industries such as IT, banking, retail and healthcare.

Our Technology Stack and processes

Urolime's software testing services are designed to provide you with the transparent, agile, digital, transformative and standardized solutions. Our initiatives turn your ideas for better ROIs. Our suite of software testing services and solutions help our customers do it in less time, less money, and more easily. Our strategy is to help our clients thrive in the uncertain world of digital solutions, and with our experience and knowledge help companies stay competitive.

Urolime has always been committed to providing our customers with high quality products, which we are responsible for from start to finish - from creating test plans to post-production support. At Urolime, we believe in following processes and delivering error-free products. We move step by step towards delivery starting with a test plan to create traceability to verify coverage from full requirements for post-production support to functional/non-functional testing. We share detailed reports of the project with clients in order to help them track the quality status of the project.

Our Software Testing Services include


Agile and DevOps Testing Services

Urolime supports companies with mature Agile and DevOps quality assurance in lifecycle automation, and testing in developing the right quality assurance functions for Agile and DevOps. With a shorter testing window, the software testing service should align in the early stage, and move at the same pace to ensure faster test execution.


Digital Testing Services

Urolime is a reliable partner for your digital quality control needs and ensures that your customers get the best experience every time they interact with you digitally. Urolime With a proven track record in software testing services in the web and mobile applications and an end-to-end service portfolio.


Automation Testing Services

Our test automation solutions support your business objectives by designing an automation strategy aligned with enterprise goals. We perform a detailed tool assessment for an optimized tool inventory based on your budget and requirement.


Security Testing Services

We mainly follow the OWASP guidelines in our security testing services as well as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, WASC SOX, NIST, WAHH, OSSTM, according to specific application requirements. This includes a comprehensive set of tests to ensure the security of your web application and to ensure that no vulnerabilities are lost during testing.


Performance Testing Services

Urolime helps you predict the behavior and performance of applications. We make sure the app is responsive and reliable to respond to heavy load during peaks. We provide end-to-end manual testing services for your functional testing needs with a solid foundation of testing process.


Manual Software Testing Services

As a software testing company, Urolime provides end-to-end manual testing services for your functional testing needs with a solid foundation of testing process, built-in accelerators and expertise on all leading functional testing tools. We provide full traceability from business requirements to test cases developed and executed for different tests.

Everything you need for quality control in one place.

Our Test Engineers work around the clock to find bugs and issues before your users do. From creating test plans and test cases to building a team to managing the testing process, our testing efforts are aimed at making the entire task easier. By working with your software development team, we resolve issues faster and provide users with a smooth experience. Whatever your software quality assurance needs, our dedicated QA experts provide mobile quality testing, web application testing, website testing and more to help you deliver the best user experience to your users.

In order to provide you with an effective QA testing and analysis solution, Urolime follows a defined testing process that helps us provide custom software development and testing services for stand-alone software, mobile quality control, etc. In addition, our dedicated team of quality engineers, QA consultants and testers use their expertise to perform quality testing for web and mobile applications throughout the cycle, which helps us differentiate ourselves from the companies that offer services.

Our Testing Process Models

Cloud Consulting Services

Waterfall Development Model

This testing process is purely a sequential model that defines all phases of the software development lifecycle.

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Agile Development Model

Agile Development Model - The purpose of this model is to support continuous integration and reduce failure rates. It mainly focuses on breaking down tasks into smaller iterations and doesn't involve long-term planning.

Why Testing with Urolime is a Success?

About other software testing services

Cloud Consulting Services


We reduce training costs and can quickly adapt and scale your services as needed.

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Professional Testers

Urolime employs the highest quality QA engineers to make their quality control effective and efficient.

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Leader in QA

Our expertise in software QA automation allows us to engage custom solutions with regards to software testing for our clients.

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Committed Partnership

Urolime as a software testing company is committed to the success of your business; Think of us as an extension of your team.

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