We believe that success comes from imagination, passion and intelligence.

Great dreams need great jobs.
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Urolime being an expert in Information Technology understands very well how careers evolve and what exactly the aspirations of career seekers are. We need people who are passionate about what they do. Are you passionate about working in a challenging IT environment? If the answer is yes, we will like to meet you and if you are keen about working in a dynamic and exciting environment, you have come to the right place.

At Urolime, we value aptitude, intelligence, group spirit, creativity, idealism and above all, people who are enthusiastic about their work. We are in the continuous look-out for world class talents and people who thrive on high energy environment and strive for great career prospects. As a global company, we value and appreciate diversity. We believe that besides adding talents, the range of perspectives, ideas, and culture leads to the creation of a better service.

Here at Urolime, you will find fun, friendly colleagues, an amazingly supportive environment that values life as much as it does towards work and the opportunity to test the limits of your intellectual talents, where sky is the limit. We are fast expanding and talented employees are always recognized and rewarded for their respective contributions.

If you are an expert or novice in search of opportunities and wish to prove yourselves as any of the following, feel free to contact us at [email protected]