Hybrid applications are gaining on the advantage of coding once and on running on twice the platforms. There have been multiple hybrid app platforms which were once popular once upon a time, such as Xamarin, the Microsoft backed hybrid app development platform was popular with financial and communication applications as it came with native UI and unmatched performance. But over time, the popularity has declined due to lack of updates and flexibility across platforms other than mobile application platforms. Many mobile application development platforms supported multiple operating systems such as Symbian and BlackberryOS as well, as the market for platforms other than iOS and Android operating systems have gone extinct.

There are only a couple of hybrid app development platforms which are competitive and technically competent enough to meet the expectations and demands of the clients as well as the end user.

Hybrid App Development Services

Hybrid app development platforms have found a place among many companies whose services and products revolve around multiple digital platforms. In fact, around 70% of all mobile applications developed today are on Hybrid app development platforms. These application development platforms are open source and the active community is making more and more like a native app development platform in the sense of the word on a daily basis. At Urolime, we have a team of hybrid application developers who with their experience and expertise create unique applications which cater the needs of the clients. We have designers and analysts who design and curate applications which also appeal to the end user as well.

Advantages of Hybrid App Development

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Saves Money And Time

Hybrid app development platforms allow developers to code once to run on multiple platforms, thus saving time and money in the process. Features and functionalities can be easily developed due to native toolkits and a singular backend.

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Hybrid mobile app development platforms were once notorious for their poor performance when compared to their native counterparts, but platforms like ReactNative and Flutter have changed that notion.

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Enhanced UI/UX

Hybrid mobile app development platforms now come with native toolkits for both iOS and Android. This translates to smooth user experience coupled with high performance.

Flutter App Development Company

Android is the leader when it comes to the smartphone operating systems, and Flutter is the product of Android’s parent company. Flutter combines Android’s native capabilities with the Dart programming language. This hybrid app Development comes with its own 2D rendering engine as well known as Skia, this helps to create quick foundation libraries and widgets. Flutter is constantly being upgraded as Flutter will soon be supported by the Google browser as well, which translates to single coding for web and mobile applications. In fact, the next iteration of Android called Fuchsia is built on Flutter SDK. This means that the mobile application developed with Flutter app development platform will be supported for a long time.

Urolime fully leverages the Flutter app development platform for developing applications configured for both iOS and Android. Since Flutter is an open source development platform, all the Flutter SDKs are supported by all platforms. With a single coding exercise, organizations get iOS, Android and web applications. Flutter’s Google’s native UI toolkit allows the Flutter framework to have complete access to the operating system’s widgets such as Network, Storage, Camera, GPS and other third party SDKs. At Urolime, our Flutter app developers interpret form and functionality to deliver hybrid mobile applications which cater to all the business needs while maintaining usability and unique aesthetics.

Custom Flutter Development Services

Flutter Migration and Upgradation

Flutter Migration and Upgradation

Organizations now can fully leverage the Flutter app platform by using our Flutter migration service. Urolime’s Flutter developers will work with the digital transformation team, design team and other cross-functional teams to get the best outcomes. Along with migration, our Flutter developers add features and functionalities to your application so it remains competitive on the app store.

Flutter Security and Compliance

Flutter Security and Compliance

The importance of cybersecurity and data security has gained some considerable ground. For many years, cybersecurity and data security was seen as an afterthought of the mobile app development lifecycle. Urolime can help organizations to fortify their existing applications to be security compliant.

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UI/UX Transformation

We transform the already existing Flutter app to meet the expectations of the end user, or revamp the entire application with new features and functionalities. From information delivery concepts to user navigation, we transform the application to be more user friendly, fluid transitions and more with memorable visual designs and user centric architecture.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Companies can save time and streamline operations with enterprise mobile applications, since the application has to cater to a large number of employees and perform complex tasks when compared with an application which is open to all. Our Flutter developers at Urolime can develop high quality Flutter apps for the most sophisticated processes.

React Native App Development Services

One of the most popular hybrid app development platforms, if not heard of, certainly used as many popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Office365 and many more run on React Native. React Native first debuted as the Facebook new feed, later the platform was developed by the open source community to what it is today. React Native has become a very popular hybrid app development among businesses and developers alike due to its many advantages such as reduced development time, hot reloading, modular architecture, and a native feel when it comes to user experience and performance. At Urolime, we have React Ntaive developers who can develop and deliver React Native apps which can add business value and add to the user experience. We have an entire React Native app development team who can design, develop, deploy React Native apps at a faster rate than compared with a native app development platform. Our React Native developers are up to date with respect to the app development platform and the expectations of the end user.

Custom React Native Development Services

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Code Auditing

Hire Our React Native developers to audit and review codes of the existing application. With our code auditing services your React Native application can be more performance oriented, smooth and fluid execution, improved stability and eliminate any bottlenecks and shortcomings. Our React Native developers put every piece of code in their watchful eyes to improve the application overall.

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Custom Server-Side APIs

Urolime is an organization with cloud expertise across multiple platforms, we can develop custom APIs which can establish a communication channel between the React native application and the server. This will allow the application to be scalable and the application can be open to customers and clients across the world.

React Native App Migration

React Native App Migration

Our React Native developers can help businesses to migrate from a legacy mobile application platform to the React Native platform. With the migration your application can fully leverage the many advantages and functionalities of the React native application platform. Get improved performance and a UI/UX which caters to the modern audience.

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MVP Development

With our minimum viable product development process, from planning, prototyping to development. We involve our clients in every step of the process before starting with the next part of the process. MVP development is also easy with the React Native App development as well. This gives businesses a wide perspective about their React Native application.

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