Software security has become an essential parameter that should get integrated with Development and Operations. Weave Security into DevOps to enhance your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Automation with security is the mandate that drives software firms and business organizations. Upgrading DevOps into DevSecOps improves the performance of your organization, and we facilitate it through our cutting-edge security measures for you.

Our Consultation Empowers your DevSecOps Processes!

We, Urolime, form the forefront of DevSecOps consulting where you can do IT the smart way. Our experienced and expert team gives apt consultation to your DevSecOps processes.

Common Use Cases and Advantages of using Urolime Services

Unified Visibility for SecOps and DevOps Teams.
Automate remediation of Software Vulnerabilities.
Cyber-Threat Detection, Misconfigurations, and Remedial Actions.
Automate Application Deployment.

DevSecOps Consultation Service Offerings

  • We assess your DevOps Processes.
  • Integrate SecOps into your Development Pipeline.
  • Develop DevSecOps roadmap and Customized Migration Strategy.
  • Adopt Customized Agile and DevSecOps Software Characteristics.
  • Wholesome DevSecOps integrated to DevOps pipeline.
  • Setup and Modernize through containers, packages, and deploy-operations.
  • Integrate Security at each stage of DevOps processes.
  • Scan vulnerabilities with IAST, SAST, and DAST: Early Detection of Vulnerabilities.
    • IAST: Interactive Application Security Testing
    • SAST: Static Application Security Testing
    • DAST: Dynamic Application Security Testing
  • Container and Package Security Analysis and Scanning of Vulnerabilities.
  • Threat Modeling with Report Generation
  • Secure with Native and Cloud Platforms.

Urolime: Your Best DevSecOps Consultation Partner!

We Guide you through all loops and hoops of DevSecOps All The Way.

DevSecOps Assessment

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advantages image

DevSecOps Consultation and Advisory

We understand your infrastructure and business goals. Our team advises on how to design and implement a robust plan for DevSecOps processes.

Deploying Security Products

Our experts advise you on the most suitable security technologies that can get configured and deployed at your organization.

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advantages image

Be Compliant and Audit Ready

Implement our DevSecOps process with cloud-based security technologies to unlock advanced threat detection, threat intelligence, and vulnerability scanning to be audit-ready.

DevSecOps Managed Services

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Get Your Team Upto Speed

We help you with detailed documentation and build in-house knowledge to monitor system performance and functions for managing the infrastructure like a pro.

Urolime: The Perfect Partner for Your DevSecOps Processes!

Our team assists your engineers and teams at every phase of DevSecOps processes

 Certified Developers

Certified Developers

170 in-house engineers, including CKS, CKA & Certified Kubernetes Application Developers.

 Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

DevSecOps best practices we've mastered while collaborating with over 100+ clients

 First Mover Advantage

First Mover Advantage

Team up with the leading Kubernetes service provider in APAC.


Cloud to Large-Scale Enterprise IT Delivery

Unparalleled expertise in navigating transition from cloud solutions to large-scale IT delivery

 CNCF Certified Provider

CNCF Certified Professionals

Collaborate with our team of CNCF Certified Professionals, ensuring top-tier expertise and industry-leading solutions for your projects.

 Expand Easily

Expand Easily from DevOps to DevSecOps with Urolime

Effortlessly expand your team of engineers without the burdens of recruitment or training.

Accelerate Your DevSecOps Migration with Urolime!

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DevSecOps Advisory

We build CI capabilities that are spot-on and precise for business-enabling capabilities. Our team focuses on value assessments, tool choices, and benefits articulation through the DevSecOps Maturity Assessment Framework.

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DevSecOps as a

Our team focuses on a platform-integrated DevSecOps service that leads to an optimized and streamlined integration and digitalization of Dev to Ops value streams with the appropriate security measures.

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Managed Site Reliability
Engineering (SRE):

At Urolime, we ensure that our DevSecOps processes are resilient and reliable to cloud-native product-stacks right from infrastructure to applications. Thus, we achieve service reliability with the SRE network.

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With our DevSecOps consultation, your team can design and develop circuit-automation processes for testing and reporting. We enable swift solutions to solve security problems immediately without the issues getting reflected outside.

Unlock your business potential through integrating security into DevOps pipeline and making it DevSecOps with Urolime DevSecOps Consultation Services
Collaborate with our experienced team to implement your DevSecOps Processes, which drives innovation, scalability, and cost-efficiency. Connect with us today to learn more about our collaborative partnership with you to integrate security into your software.

Do IT Smart with Urolime!