Urolime, the application modernization company can transform your legacy applications with modern technology, to be agile and efficient. Over time, existing business systems can become expensive due to their inability to respond to changes in business processes. It will further prove to be ineffective and lag behind times for speedy output. As technological debt will increase over the years, this system will also hinder innovation. Our IT modernization services help businesses transform existing applications into newer technologies and architectures. Using the latest technology, we help businesses move legacy applications to modern platforms that offer exceptional functionality and flexibility. With our legacy modernization services, we pursue a strategic approach to reduce project and operational risks.

Urolime Application Modernization Services

We start by creating optimized roadmaps for modernizing applications. Our methodology is to streamline execution in a way to minimize business disruption and achieve business objectives. From requirement gathering to planning, our team reviews the application portfolio. It includes the application technology stack, application development date, scalability, feasibility, and infrastructure.

Accelerate application modernization by leveraging modernization models. We deploy new models with advanced analytic tools to save time. Achieve large-scale modernization by embracing an agile culture and new ways of working with automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Prioritize applications or parts of applications for migration based on business criticality level, availability requirements, dependencies, and business goals. We make existing systems more agile and efficient by leveraging intelligent automation for global delivery capabilities.

Engaging with Urolime gives you more than just development resources; we help you stay ahead of the curve.

Applications we modernize

Modernize Cloud Applications

Modernize Cloud Applications

This is a crucial part of cloud-centric business transformation. New age enterprises require a faster time to market. Today’s IT environment requires greater mobility of resources to enable migration to the cloud to improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

Modernization Technologies

Modernization Technologies

Modernization Technologies are inevitable, and the ability of the application decides the success of the digital transformation. It is this factor that allows us to develop innovative solutions and deliver them quickly for cloud-native technologies. As part of modernization to facilitate speedy solutions, we use technologies like Containers, Kubernetes, and Microservices.

Technological Modernization

Technological Modernization

Legacy applications that once gave businesses an edge over others are losing momentum. Such legacy systems are failing to keep up with the new dynamics that enterprises expect. We provide platform-based modernization services with buildable architecture based on Microservices, APIs, reusable components, and Containers.



If you want to replace your old software with modern technology, we offer an application termination service while retaining access to critical data. It means that you can use our professional data migration service to access data from your old system and/or move it to a new database. Downsizing the software reduces the IT costs of managing and maintaining legacy applications.

Legacy Modernization Strategies

The fundamental strategy for successful modernization of existing applications is to thoroughly assess potential applications. This analysis should include an assessment of the technical characteristics of the application, its suitability for migration to the cloud or similar changes, the return on investment of the modernization, the interdependence of the application with other systems and related criteria.

Another critical strategy for application modernization is to develop a long-term roadmap to effectively manage their resources. Urolime Our approach to application modernization is on a piecemeal basis, rather than doing it all at once. This can help teams manage the performance and availability of existing applications while doing the modernization work well.

Application Modernization Benefits


Opportunity to create new functions and services

Typically, when a business first purchases software, it chooses a platform that meets its current needs without looking to the future. Modernization helps businesses to adapt new technologies to meet the needs of modern customers.


Increase in employee productivity

Modernizing applications can help automate tasks and eliminate repetitive processes so employees can use their time more efficiently. Modernized systems can also lead to fewer application problems, increased functionality and more functions to optimize operations.


Eliminate technical overheads

Maintaining outdated legacy systems can be a costly affair. Companies that take steps to modernize their existing computer systems have reduced their operating costs. In addition, application modernization can potentially increase sales.


Improve overall customer experience

Running legacy applications may seem trivial in terms of customer service; However, continuing to use an outdated system can negatively impact the customer experience. Application modernization improves the customer experience- changing the front-end user interface, offering new functions, automating manual processes.

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