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Launching your startup is tough. But field-testing, assessing, and fine-tuning your vision to accelerate it for risk-free, lasting success is tougher.

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Proof of Concept in startup consulting


POC helps to improve the project feasibility by testing the product and knowing its viability.

Prototype in startup-services


Prototype is an effective way of quickly modeling and explaining the future stages of a product.

MVP in startup consulting


MVP helps to get the desired and valuable feedback from customers, which can improve product quality.

This crucial step in the product development process helps your business identify the most effective solution for your product or service, sealing success in the competitive world of startups. You require Proof of Concept, when there’s a need for:

Business idea verification in startup consulting

Verification of your business idea

POC helps you calculate the feasibility of your business idea, which gives a clear picture of whether this idea can reach many customers. You might be confident in your idea, but POC gives you the relevant information required, which can make your business idea even better than the original one. Our IT consulting experts help you to get the best and most unique idea after considering every factor and its future.

Gaps identification in startup consulting

Identification of gaps

POC helps you to identify gaps involved in a process at the early stages of development, which can have an impact on the product's success. It also helps in adding any additional features which can fix these gaps during product development.

Usability verification in startup consulting

Verification of Usability

When you create a new product or add a new feature, the basic aim is to check its usability by the customers. From our expert POC team, you can get valuable information like target audience, market demand, etc., which helps you to work on those areas so that more customers use your product or service.

Features of POC

Proof of Concept in startup consulting

POC Steps

Business idea explanation in startup consulting services

Business idea explanation

Target one particular business idea that you want to test or validate.

performance goals in startup consulting services

Define the performance goals

Set a few metrics and standards which help in defining the performance goals.

POC in Startup Consulting

Run your POC project

Perform proper testing to determine the feasibility of your project or product.

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Maintain a record of the metrics

It helps in analyzing whether your business idea meets the performance goals and industry standards.

Startup Consulting Services

Present POC for approval

Explain the POC to stakeholders or investors for their approval and ask for any support if required.

POC Deliverables

A Proof of Concept demonstration for your startup should contain, among other things:

Prototype benefits

Startup Consulting Services


Through a prototype, your business idea can get funding easily as stakeholders know the product feasibility, which reduces the investment risk.

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Better problem understanding

Through prototypes, you can have a better understanding of technical problems and make those changes to make an elegant final product.

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Validate the design

Through a prototype, your product design gets validated by experts and they give valuable feedback, which helps to make a quality design for the final product.

Features of Prototype

Prototype in Startup Consulting

Prototype Steps

Requirements analysis in Startup Services

Requirements analysis

The basic step is to gather the requirements information like tools, technology, etc. and get it analyzed by development teams to build the prototype.

Prototype designing in Startup Consulting

Prototype designing

A simple prototype is created quickly to give you a quick idea of your product or business idea.

Prototype creation in Startup Consulting

Prototype creation

A small prototype is created with the information received from clients and the tools we procure for its creation.

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Initial evaluation

The prototype is explained to the client and their valuable feedback and necessary changes are noted down.

Prototype refinement in Startup Consulting

Prototype refinement

Working on those changes to make the prototype better until it is approved by the client.

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Product implementation

Based on the prototype, the product will be designed and implemented.

Prototype Deliverables with wireframes and UI/UX designs

Your product’s prototype must include both the visual layout and the functional elements of the final version:

MVP benefits

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Winning investors or stakeholders

MVP development helps you to win more investors or stakeholders for your business, which is important for a startup.

Testing your business concepts or ideas

Testing your business concepts or ideas

The MVP allows you to test your various business concepts and helps you pick the right one for your startup. Our start-up MVP consulting services help you to avail this benefit.

Winning investors or stakeholders

Targeting the right audience

MVP development helps you to choose the right audience for your product, as testing your product gives an idea of the market demand for your product.

Features of MVP

MVP Development in Startup Consulting

MVP Steps

Problem identification in Startup Consulting

Right problem identification

Before developing an MVP, you need to identify exactly what the problem is, as it helps in building the right solution with your product.

User flow Startup

Make a note of user flow

Break down the stages of the user flow, which helps you fix those necessary areas to build an effective final product.

Core features

Break down into core features

Focus on those key areas of your product which meet the target audience and attract investors easily.

Startup consultant expert

Choose a startup MVP development consultant expert

Research and find the right consultant for your startup.

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