What is Google Cloud?

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Google Cloud platform or GCE is the cloud computing platform from Google which is made for organizations who are into development activities ranging from building applications to Big data analytics. Google Cloud comes with a host of tools and services which can cater to almost all organizations. Google Cloud comes with the reliability and security, with the pay as you use model, organizations of any size can use Google Cloud Platform to grow. Get the best of what Google has to offer with our Google Cloud Consulting Services.

Google Cloud & Kubernetes

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Kubernetes Engine is a managed environment for deploying complex multiple containerized applications at the same time. Experience excellence in container orchestration with Google cloud and Kubernetes. Get the best orchestration solution added with Google cloud with our Google Cloud Consulting Services.

Google Cloud’s Impact on your business?

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Mobile Applications

Without bothering much about the hardware infrastructure organizations can solely focus on the application development. With Google Cloud Consulting Services Partner, organizations can build apps for native frameworks like Android, iOS or hybrid frameworks such as React Native or Ionic. Get everything you need for your mobile application development with our Google Cloud Consulting Services.


Websites & Web Applications Development

With Google Cloud Consulting Services, organizations can build complex multiple-tier web applications all the way from scratch or can host a simple static website. The tools, services & infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform enables organizations to develop and deploy scalable, 24/7 up and running online applications and websites.


Big Data

More data is being created than ever before, with IOT on the horizon, organizations need to have tools which can gather, analyse, sort, prioritize, and store data according to user-defined metrics. No one does Big Data better than Google, with Google Cloud Consulting Services, get tomorrow's information today.


Application Development

With Google Cloud Consulting Services, developers can create and test application for any and all environments. With multiple tools dedicated to developers from multiple mobile platforms to automated testing tools. With our Google Cloud Platform consulting, organizations can save money on hardware procurements. Get everything you need for your application development needs with our GCP Consulting Services Partner.



The gaming industry doesn’t seem that it will stop growing any time soon. With our Google Cloud Platform consulting, you get the infrastructure and services to let your imaginations fly as Google Cloud Consulting Services can help you build games that are scalable so as customers won’t have to worry about IT Infrastructure and organizations don’t need to worry about the upfront financial IT investment costs. Get everything you need for your game development needs with our Google Cloud Consulting Services.

Google Cloud Consulting

Internet of Things

Experts say that by 2020, more than 50 billion will be connected with each other. Google Cloud Consulting Services is ready to with the power to gather the data, scale connections and most importantly make sense of the data to your insights. This insight can help you build better products and services.

Why Google Cloud Platform?


Future Proof

Built with the potential of cloud computing in sight, Google Cloud Consulting Services is a worldwide omnipresent, performance oriented, cost-effective and a highly secure cloud platform. As to future-proof the platform, the cloud is constantly innovative and is constantly updated with features and tools.


Data & Analytics

No does BigData quite like Google, so when it comes to Google Cloud platform organizations have the ability to use big data from Google Cloud Platform to find the ways the built better products with inputs from BigData.


Database and Storage

When it comes to storage, Google Cloud platform’s storage is Scalable, high performance, resilient, pliable, and robust. Google Cloud platform allows developers to choose their database of their choosing from Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL all the way to Cloud Bigtable. Discover new levels of storage space with our Google Cloud Consulting Services.

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With Google Cloud platform get multiple BigData functionalities and tools such as Hadoop/Spark, data warehousing, data exploration, batch and stream processing and more. Our Google Cloud Consulting can help you with Cloud Dataflow, BigQuery, and Cloud Dataproc.


Management Made Easy

When compared with the competition Google Cloud platform comes with management friendly features such as logging, diagnostics, Monitoring and lot more. Google Cloud platform comes with easy to use management console and a mobile app if you are on the go. The expert team at Urolime can help you to familiarize yourself with Google Stackdriver, Google Monitoring, and Google Logging. So you can be production ready.


Developer First

Google Cloud platform is developer focussed cloud service, you can develop and deploy your applications using Google Cloud Platform’s command-line interface or choose the diverse range of other developer tools. Give your developer the resources he/she needs for your next big project, learn how with Google Cloud Consulting services.


Access & visibility

When it comes to Google Cloud Platform, the control accesses, visibility and allocation of resources which are running on the cloud platform are protected by the impregnable Google’s security model.


Hybrid Excellence

Pursue excellence with your favourite technologies, mix and match according to your wishes or your needs whether be its MySQL database, Block storage, NoSQL datastore, Virtual machines, Managed platform, Blob storage or even Big Data analytics. Google Cloud Platform covers all the technologies for your organization to thrive.



Google cloud is made for developers, they can quickly develop, deploy and test applications without the bureaucratic system administration coming in-between. Google cloud automatically manages the applications, associated databases and the storage. This allows developers to focus on the product.


Performance Refined

Google’s cloud infrastructure comes with a high-performance CPU, fast read/write memory and disk performance. Users across the world won’t get a millisecond delay as Google’s network and edge cache serve responses rapidly.


Pay only for what you use

Scaling up or down, your engineers don’t have sit through monitoring applications, your applications hosted on Cloud Platform has the ability automatically scale up or down to handle the most demanding workloads and traffic. This what the “You pay only for what you use” model you get with Google.


Security and Compliance

Google has been the forefront of security worldwide, any and all our infrastructure offerings are protected by tops experts in the field of network security, information security, data security and application security. As far as compliance is concerned, Cloud Platform adheres to certifications, like ISO 27001, SOC 2/3, and PCI DSS 3.0.


Support and Assistance

When it comes to supporting and assistance, you can be at complete peace of mind. There multiple ways to get support and assistance, there is a thriving community of users worldwide, a receptive partner ecosystem and then there are the premium support packages, Google has a wide range of support and assistance resources to help you get started and grow.

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