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Effective communication & collaboration between the development and operations team is the backbone of an agile development environment. Urolime is here to support you in putting DevOps best practices into action and making the most of the powerful AWS solutions.

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Experience seamless efficiency with Urolime's proficiency in DevOps

In the evolving and dynamic digital landscape, companies are in search of ways to enhance their teams' effectiveness. From a ground-up approach, strategies like agile infrastructure and operations came to the forefront, fundamentally reshaping team dynamics- realization of the need for heightened collaboration between development and operations teams.

Urolime, enlightened on the pivotal role DevOps solutions play in streamlining development,operations, and deployment (accelerating time-to-market) have focused to expertise the robust management of application life cycle.

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DevOps expertise with AWS

In response to ongoing DevOps trends, as organizations persist in modernizing their IT infrastructure and embracing cloud-based services, AWS stands out as a potent tool for implementing DevOps strategies. Our areas of strength on the tool are Microservices Architecturing, Serverless Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Block chain technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud-native Applications.

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Common use cases & advantages?

Continuous Integration

The availability of the codebase and resources on the centralized cloud repository(AWS) will ensure continuous integration since the application knowledge is shared.

Continuous Delivery

Quality checking of the test build and making it deployment ready can be dependably automated.

Automating Application Deployment

A fully automated application deployment pipeline can be implemented through AWS.

Continuous QA

Developers can move past quality testing on virtual machines and use cloud resources to ensure the quality of an application before deployment. All of these are conducted as a part of the DevOps workflow

Develop & deploy applications as a set of microservices

Microservices can also be deployed independently thus enabling the addition of new features to an existing codebase. In case of any issue with the new code, it can simply be brought offline without the need to shut down the whole application.

AWS Tools that we are expert

DevOps is a movement focused around the collaboration of development, operations and Team effort during deployment

AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodePipeline

CodePipeline helps in automating the release pipeline which would enhance the pace and reliability of application and infrastructure updates.It integrates other AWS services like CodeCommit, CodeBuild,CodeDeploy etc. Effective application rollout on Build, Test & Deployment can be ensured through CodePipeline on multiple environments (Development, Testing, Staging & Production) by maintaining their uniformity, helps to ensure continuous delivery and integration of the software. Multiple region deployments, multiple Source repositories, custom actions and monitoring & notifications are the other use cases of the tool.

AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodeBuild

CodeBuild contributes in compiling source code, runs unit tests and produces ready-to-deploy artifacts. It's a fully managed build service which when integrated with CodePipeline delivers a complete CI/CD solution. The tool supports a wide range of languages and operating systems which enhances its adaptability. Automated testing, multi platform builds, custom build environments and cost optimization are the other major advantages of the tool. Docker image built as a part of the build process by the tool eases the package and application deployment in containers.

AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodeDeploy

Automated software deployments to various services like Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda and On-premises servers are managed through CodeDeploy. It integratesCodePipeline and CodeBuild to provide complete CI/CD solutions.

Blue/Green Deployments (Zero-downtime releases by routing traffic between two identical environments, one active and one inactive, and flipping the traffic once the new deployment is successful), automated deployments and rollback to previous versions can be managed through this tool. The deployment across multiple instances,multiple regions along with custom deployment configurations are the key highlights of the tool. Integration with other AWS Services- WS CodePipeline, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Elastic Beanstalk make the tool more easier.

AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CloudFormation

It serves in modeling AWS resources, infrastructure deployment and managing infrastructure as code. Infrastructure as a code will help in version control, infrastructure replication.It can be defined as a template and deployed in a single command. Custom resource creation natively in AWS would enhance integration with other services.

AWS CodeDeploy
AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk is a fully managed service which will automatically handle the provisioning, deployment scaling and monitoring in a simplified and rapid manner.It can manage high traffic by auto scaling (up & down) based on the demand of the application. The built-in monitoring and logging service helps to check the application performances, identify errors and analyze the logs.Cost optimization- charge for use is another advantage of the tool.

AWS CodeDeploy
AWS OpsWorks

OpsWorks automates the application and infrastructure deployment and management. It’s a configuration management service that provides templates for popular application stacks and supports custom configurations using Chef, a popular configuration management tool which defines infrastructure as code and applies changes through automation.The other key advantages of the tool are multi-platform support, customizable environments, autoscaling, integration with DevOps tools, and Cost Optimization.

AWS CodeDeploy
AWS Lambda

Lambda is a serverless computing service for running code without provisioning or managing servers.AWS It’s an event-driven architecture, which triggers code execution in response to events from other AWS services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Kinesis.The other key services offered by the tool is automated testing, continuous integration & deployment and Cost Optimization

AWS CodeDeploy

It is a debugging and performance analysis tool that helps you debug and analyze the application & microservices.It provides end-to-end visibility on requests to identify the performance issues and the anomaly detection capability makes it better. It also provides service map visualization to identify the services, dependencies and module interaction in an application. Integration with DevOps tools, Custom Annotations & Metadata, Compliance & Security andCost Optimization are other highlights of the tool.

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