Machine Learning Solutions

Urolime, offers a range of services related to ML, IoT, RPA and AI. Machine learning is becoming a fundamental aspect of business as it provides insight into patterns that may not have been seen before. Businesses are integrating machine learning into all areas of their business to gain insight and stay ahead of the competition.

The amount of data generated every hour is related to the increase in the number of connected devices. The use of this data for information acquisition is effectively moving towards the use of ML algorithms, which are operated in the cloud.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Our Internet of Things (IoT) consulting practice aims to help clients rediscover their online presence, business processes and overall effect in the digital space to get real results.

Urolime IoT Consulting Services help companies develop strategic digital solutions that deliver real business results and help brands navigate the digital landscape of today (and tomorrow).

Urolime IoT Consulting Strategy offers a comprehensive range of services with platforms such as Amazon IoT Services, Microsoft IoT Services, IBM IoT Services, Google Nest, and iOS HomeKit Platform.

As an IoT Consulting Company, it's all about collaboration and solutions. Our clients come to us with ideas and we deliver them on smaller and larger projects to ultimately show how you can increase your ROI and achieve your business objective.

Our IoT Consulting Services

By outsourcing IoT consulting services from Urolime our customers get the solutions that help connect to the internet and exchange data with smart connected devices.


Develop Strategy

The provision of our service includes the development of strategy, a framework that supports the business process throughout.


Identify Potential Cases

Our IoT Consultants can see your business activity and determine how IoT can be beneficial to your business. At the same time, to identify the best means to integrate IoT into existing business processes, Startups, and productivity efforts.


R&D and Prototyping

The IoT technology is still a new technology, and it requires immense research and development to identify the benefits and challenges.


Recommendation Hardware and Software

Recommendation of Hardware and Software in this field allow us to know the best products in the market. It helps our consultants to share the know-how on the subject.

Why choose Urolime for IoT services?

We are best placed when it comes to helping our clients achieve their IoT ambitions. We have the experts to design and build all aspects of your IoT solution, from smart devices to data visualization, Cloud Consulting Services, wireless communication, analytics, security and automation. Our cybersecurity experts ensure compliance to protect against cyber threats.

Our business strategy and IoT design specialists help define business goals, define market opportunities, design new offerings for customers, and identify the skills required to deliver a complete business design for IoT.

Our goal is to quickly demonstrate the value IoT can deliver. We take an agile approach allowing us to build, test and learn as we move from the early-stage demonstrators to proof-of-concept prototypes until we deliver the final scalable and secure IoT system. We can start at any stage in the process depending on your specific needs.

We are able to quickly demonstrate the value of IoT. Our agile approach allows us to develop, test and implement from early demonstrators to build prototypes before we deliver scalable IoT solutions.

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AI Consulting Services

Transform your organization into a knowledge-based business.

In this time of disruption, most businesses are trying to diversify by trying to make the most of rapidly changing big data. Urolime's enterprise-grade machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions help businesses generate data that delivers the most relevant information.

We help create and deliver scalable solutions in combination with exceptional research, industry expertise, and specific use cases.

Cloud Consulting Services

Our Services

  • Data Collection and Processing
  • Track/Recover/Translate
  • Analyze
Cloud services Consulting

Function Preparation

  • Data Governance
  • Segmentation
  • Tokenization
Cloud migration Consulting

Model Implementation

  • Architect/design
  • Parameter Setting
  • Cognitive traits test
Cloud migration Consulting


  • Managing Models
  • Version Control
  • Model Tracking

Industries We Cater

Convert data and insights into metrics for increased efficiency, elasticity, and scalability in operations with an unparalleled experience for customers and employees.

Cloud Consulting Services


  • Autonomous
  • SDK development
  • Vision Channel
Cloud services Consulting

Retail business

  • Product Labeling
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Detection of Withdrawal
  • Analysis of Shelf placement
  • Reduce Overheads
Cloud migration Consulting


  • Robotic
  • Peripheral Intelligence
  • Workshop Management
  • Smart City Projects
Cloud migration Consulting


  • Content Detection
  • Content Analysis
  • Campaign Intelligence

RPA Services

RPA is a very disruptive technology, and we've seen an immediate 20% increase in productivity through the automation of common data entry tasks and increased process efficiency through automation. RPA primarily aids in automating tasks related to data collecting, data entry, data verification, data management, data analytics, and data cleansing.

RPA has also become an excellent choice for automating integration between legacy systems, as we have provided solutions through RPA that integrate with Cobol programs on IBM mainframes or other legacy Unix solutions that do not disclose interfaces or APIs.

Industries That May Benefit Using RPA

Almost any industry where repetitive manual tasks are performed can benefit from robotic process automation.

IoT Consulting Services

Financial Institutions

The financial industry benefits the most from RPA solutions due to the multitude of routine and repetitive tasks in the industry. Rather than devoting valuable human resources to performing simple data entry operations, let the machines do the work, and you can think about adding value to your business.

  • Credit management
  • Client orientation
  • Claims processing
  • Regulatory compliance Report
IoT Consulting Services

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry uses a variety of software applications that perform many manual business operations on a daily basis. RPA healthcare solutions can handle these repetitive, rule-based tasks so real people can focus on saving lives.

  • Patient registration and appointment scheduling
  • Insurance eligibility assessment
  • Clinical documentation
  • Accounting and claims processing

Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry can benefit from automating robotic processes by automating repetitive manual tasks performed with software.

  • Supplier and customer settings
  • Research on the source of the offer
  • Entity and property settings
  • Budget and forecast
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