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What We Do

Urolime, a top DevOps consulting company develops bespoke solutions. Our technical experts design, develop and optimize systems and information to meet your infrastructure, application, and business needs. Mastering the latest cloud technologies and keeping pace with every new development Urolime focuses on what is important to your business.

Solutions We Deliver

In today's highly competitive world, Urolime as the leading Kubernetes consulting company and managed IT services provider delivers pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to our clients in other IT sectors too. We combine our strategy and analytics to seamlessly navigate through the unpredictable environment of technology. Businesses across industries are looking to IT service providers to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve performance. As a global IT services provider with over a decade of experience in businesses across all industries around the world, Urolime can provide the enterprise IT solutions you need to increase efficiency, value and reduce costs.

A Quick Introduction

Urolime IT enable all kinds of B2B, B2C interactions and internal operations.

Our Story

Urolime is a multinational company with collaborative, and skilled IT professionals who deliver tailored solutions. When our customers are happy, our team is happy too.

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Why Us

Over 95% of our revenue comes from referrals. From small to big projects, the importance of satisfaction is highlighted with recommendations and testimonials.

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Who We Are

Our team is led by creative minds who have a deep interest in developing the best environment for our employees and partners. Our business goal is simple; Happy customer.

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Overcome Software Development Challenges with DevOps

Urolime is a dedicated DevOps Consulting and Software Development Company. We help businesses leverage the incredible benefits of automation to deploy their software projects in a way characterized by Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. DevOps deliver software reliably, securely and quickly, and it aims to break down the barriers that often exist between development and operations.The general pressure to release software faster to meet customer needs or to enter new markets has increased, and with it the complexity of the software lifecycle. This often creates new obstacles that traditional methods cannot easily resolve.

If your business model changes, you have to review the current processes to optimize them for new Workflow. The only way to speed up the software delivery depends on the overall automation. That's where DevOps come into play. DevOps is the main driving force of automation, as it quickly puts the product in the hands of the user allowing them to enjoy the value of the product.

Benefits of DevOps Consultation with Urolime

Automation is one of the biggest benefits of DevOps. This makes it possible to continuously improve the project. Whether you have a new project on the market or software you are using? DevOps integrates the development activities of the software development process to shorten development cycles and increase the frequency of deployment. DevOps focuses on the rapid delivery of software services through an agile and lean practice. DevOps is essential to the success of modern development teams. It helps to speed up development and automation processes and shorten release cycles.

Benefits of Software Development with Urolime

For entrepreneurs looking to invest in technology, it can be a real hurdle to build an effective team that can handle the critical connectivity of the requirement. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource the expertise to software development companies.

Software Development helps businesses gain a competitive advantage while increasing overall efficiency and productivity. Companies that want software tailored to their specific needs need specialized software development. The custom software development process includes the design, manufacture, implementation and maintenance of custom software that is developed with specific applications and functions in mind. Unlike standard software, companies create custom software applications to increase productivity, efficiency, and relationships with consumers.

DevOps Solutions

DevOps is also described as a set of practices that must be followed in order to achieve the intended results in the shortest possible time. It enhances the ability to deliver IT services and solutions quickly and efficiently.

DevOps is a way to modernize businesses to meet new challenges. The key to a successful DevOps transformation is not about process and technology, but people too. Employees can worry about unresolved controls, outdated technical knowledge, and duplication of work.

Urolime DevOps consultant helps to support this challenge by taking a strategic approach to implementing DevOps principles and strategies for your business.

Offshore Software Development Services

Urolime is a customer-centric offshore software development company that offers customized software solutions. Whether it's professional web development or web design, we have the expertise.

A company known for its Offshore Software Development Services, we provide quality IT services which are developed in accordance with business trends and technology. We help our customers to seamlessly streamline complex organizational interfaces and work processes.

We analyze and support software implementation - software applications tailored to your business practices and help your business process to perform better, and efficiently.

AWS Consulting Partner

When you choose an AWS consulting partner, you have access to all the skills you need to manage your AWS infrastructure.

Urolime is an established cloud consulting company with experience in migrating business applications to AWS. Our many years of experience include the implementation, upgrades, platform replacement, customization, and customer-specific support for wide range of technologies.

As an experienced AWS consulting partner, we help businesses understand, implement and adopt cloud solutions. Instead of deploying a single solution, you can choose an AWS consulting partner to optimize the solution for your needs.

IT Managed Services & 24/7 Support

Businesses that use technology to deliver positive customer experiences stand apart. It's critical that every IT decision you make for your business helps reduce IT support calls and issues.

We act as your strategic IT partner and allow you to embrace technology and use it to drive innovation and growth.

We offer a complete catalog of absolutely secure managed IT services. With 24-hour IT support, successful projects globally, and industry-wide expertise, you receive more than just IT support and know-how. As a 24/7 server Monitoring and IT managed services provider in India. Urolime offers proactive monitoring and alerting keeps the system reliable with the least downtime.

Technology Stack

Stay ahead with the latest technologies Our highly skilled developers and architects use the latest technology to deliver results that exceed expectations.

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Tel: (+91) 484 - 2984589

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