Trusted Partner for Managed AWS Cloud Services in UK

As your AWS Consulting Service Provider in UK, Urolime can help you to architect, build, optimize, secure and manage your cloud infrastructure.

We have expert teams and experience in architecting, implementing, optimizing, securing and supporting AWS Cloud Solutions. As one of the top AWS consulting Companies in the UK, Urolime will guide you in the architecture of optimal cloud infrastructure needed for the existing infrastructure migration or in building a new cloud. We help our customers to have highly available and scalable architecture designs implemented with round the clock monitoring and management.

As an AWS Consulting Service Provider Company, We provide 24/7 Monitoring and Support of your application services and server health. This includes well defined SLA, full management of your AWS based infrastructure, AWS DevOps Automation, Database and Application service deployments etc. Our AWS Managed Service ensure your cloud operations are automated, highly available, optimized, monitored and secured with proper disaster recovery plans

AWS Experts to Guide Each Step of Your Cloud Journey

We cover everything AWS, whether be it log maintenance, user management, cost optimization or any AWS related assistance, we are available 24/7. We provide direct access to our AWS engineers who can architect your cloud environment according to your needs and requirement. You can be confident in Urolime Technologies’s ability to optimize, monitor, and support your cloud infrastructure because we are included in the audited AWS Managed Service Partners list.


Always-on Support

Your operations never miss a minute. Support and monitoring 24/7/365 for immediate response and resolution, plus real-time monitoring you can always access with our Cloud Management Portal.


Enhanced Protection

The ultimate edge—our Data Pipelines Contract Advantage, a proprietary model, offers more indemnifications than anyone else.


Cost Optimization

Our strong partnership equals savings. Save up to 35% on committed instances.


Hybrid Connections

Your future is now with our managed AWS Direct Connect solutions, for fully-managed hybrid infrastructures.

Managed AWS offerings

AWS Account Management

Cost & Performance Optimization

AWS Infrastructure Monitoring

SLA based Operations & Issue Resolutions

AWS Capabilities

aws managed service provider

AWS Migration Services - Move to AWS, smarter and faster

Migrate to AWS today with our AWS Migration Services. A proven leader in moving complex enterprise workloads, AWS Data Pipeline’s Migration Services guide you through every step, and past the competition.


Boost performance with hybrid builds

Data Pipeline’s inclusive managed services for AWS Direct Connect can maximize efficiencies in the creation, deployment and management of your hybrid infrastructure.


Build trust through added security

Through careful role-based access and tracking, our Access and Audit Control Model for the Cloud provides enhanced AWS security without relinquishing access credentials.


Migrate and optimize your databases

Our AWS Database Migration & Management offerings marry the power of AWS with the next-gen innovation, strategy and support of Data Pipelines.


Compute smarter with next-level AWS intel

Our comprehensive AWS cloud analytics tools provide comprehensive data-mining across 100% of your environments to track costs, optimize utilization and identify security issues.


Analyze API activity, simply

With Data Pipeline’s searchable AWS CloudTrail solution, you’ll never question when, what or by whom, when it comes to your AWS environment.


Run enterprise apps on AWS

Data Pipeline’s robust experience makes them the perfect partner to manage your Microsoft Solutions on AWS.


Securely store data on AWS

Our AWS storage management solutions allow you to store and backup your data with reliability, resiliency and optimized performance.

Solutions by Application

The AWS platform handles demanding requirements for virtually any application.

Your Entire AWS Lifecycle



Thorough application analysis and prioritization to determine a future-proof architecture, achievable with a comprehensive migration strategy and execution plan.



Automated deployment of multi-region environments includes robust security controls and governance models, as well as testing and performance optimization.



With ongoing monitoring and optimization, we work directly with you to determine your escalation action plan and decommissioning of legacy environments.

AWS Managed Services

Aws managed services

CloudWatch Monitoring in AWS

CloudWatch Monitoring is absolutely crucial to assure that your applications and websites is proactively monitored at all times for uptime and performance. Urolime Technologies constitute a clear and precise set of best-practices. CloudWatch is the go to tool for monitoring and tracking your infrastructure as it triggers if any unforeseen circumstance do arise.

Amazon AWS Consulting

Auto Scaling in AWS

Auto Scaling is an important feature to utilize and leverage while using AWS. It allows an application to grow and shrink with respect to the load or demand. Urolime Technologies can efficiently help you to leverage this amazing service, so you get to use all the potential of AWS.


Storage Optimization in AWS

Storage can come up as a large portion of your cloud bill if not overseen properly. Urolime Technologies has a hands on knowledge when it comes to optimizing storage, we help our customers to plan for future needs while eliminating unplanned spending.

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AWS CloudFront

AWS is constantly improving and adding new services for accelerating website performance. Knowing what options are available and which are relevant to your website is an ever-changing challenge. Your dedicated Service First support team.


Project Management

From architecture-build consultation, through implementation and migration as well as onboarding, Urolime Technologies’s team of technical engineers specialize in these areas to help manage your cloud deployments.

Since our founding, automation has been rooted in our DNA. The innovative automation systems we use internally speeds access to data and solution implementation for troubleshooting or optimization of our client accounts. By leveraging automation in all areas of our managed services, we can take a supportive and human-centered approach to service and support. Take a peek at the next-generation version of Urolime Technologies’s managed services automation currently in development.


Designed for Security

Our engineers design your application to be secure from the ground up using AWS best-practice guidelines. Throughout your on-boarding and managed service, our AWS managed experts tailor-build and consult with you to ensure performant, secure and cost efficient cloud infrastructure for your workloads and applications.


Proven Security Partner

The cloud opened up a lot of new possibilities for your application, but it also introduced a new set of security challenges. The rapidly changing threat landscape of cloud security can be difficult for any company to keep pace. Our decade-plus experience in designing and managing secure infrastructure means your application will be well equipped to meet the toughest cybersecurity challenges.



Rightsizing is process of identifying which parts of the infrastructure that your application runs on are underutilized and then adjusting the resources according to ensure maximum efficiency. Our Managed AWS experts helps you navigate the dynamic nature of cloud workloads by detailed information about what each application is using and how it can run with greater efficiency.


Reserved Instance Recommendations

A reserved instance is a reservation of resources and capacity, for either one or three years, for a particular Availability Zone within a region. This investment has the potential to help you save a huge amount of money on your AWS bill and greatly increase your ROI. However, using them incorrectly cannot only rob you of that savings but perhaps even end up costing you more money. With Urolime Technologies’s Reserved Instance recommendations, you can rest assured you are making the right choice for your workloads.

Let Us Manage Your AWS Cloud

Urolime Technologies has helped companies to understand and fully utilize all the potential of the cloud computing environment, as they have completely changed how tech companies approach their expertise. AWS is an advantage for organizations to make better business decisions and much more importantly better services and better products. As a competent and a prominent AWS Consulting Partner and Managed Service Partner, we at Urolime Technologies have proven our experience with developing architecture and managing AWS environments for a diverse range of organizations spanning across multiple verticals and industries. Our expert Amazon AWS Consulting team will work closely with your team to come up with a strategy for a quick deployment and a stable release. We also have a in-depth expertise with DevOps , so we can automate deployments and also bring continuous delivery.

Urolime Technologies administer AWS environments, so our clients can apply their time and effort on growing their business and venturing into new landscapes, instead of monitoring and tracking their infrastructure. We use multiple monitoring systems which are reliable and stable such as New Relic and ELK Stack, this ensures the maximum performance of your website, servers and systems. Our AWS Managed Services plans come bundled with 24/7 monitoring which ensures high availability for everything and anything hosted in the cloud. If any issues arise with your AWS environment, we are immediately alerted and work through resolution.

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