As IT products and services become more and more complex, the niche technologies required to develop these products and services also increases. Unfortunately, as is the case with technology, the increase is usually exponential instead of linear as expected. This is where Urolime can help companies to reach their development goals with our IT staff augmentation services.

Why choose Staff Augmentation with Urolime?



Urolime can help companies with all their IT staff augmentation needs, we have an extensive talent pool across multiple technologies. As companies are expanding their services, sometimes the existing human capital is not enough for the client to reach their goals on time. To carry the extra load, companies have been relying more and more on virtual staff, and to be honest, why not? Companies get the required expertise at reduced prices when compared to an on-premises full-time employee. With our IT staff augmentation model, companies have a flexible workforce at their fingertips, companies can rise to meet any challenges on short notice. There are concerns from many companies about the credibility and accountability of virtual employees. Their concerns are never raised because Urolime is one of the top IT staff augmentation companies in India, our IT staff augmentation department itself is tracking and monitoring daily activities and productivity goals. When our virtual staff is hired by another company, we align our goals with their goals, so the result is the same for us. Our idea with our IT staff augmentation model services is to provide the best professionals, their expertise, our accountability at affordable prices to all our clients to reach their goals before the time at lower costs.



When it comes to our virtual staff, we have set very standards for our employees to be listed as potential virtual staff. All of our virtual staff have their educational qualifications, certifications, and individual identities are all verified. This saves time for us and our clients from running multiple verifications, other than these due diligences. Our employees go through multiple assessments charting their technical prowess, personal and interpersonal skills as we believe that interpersonal skills are as important as technical skills when it comes to our virtual staff. Our virtual staff is also ready to go above and beyond for their clients, as most of them are ready to relocate to the premise of their clients for a temporary stay. So instead of going through hundreds of resumes, running circles around the HR department, project managers can directly find the best talent and resources can be found at Urolime. Startups are the biggest consumers of virtual employees, with virtual employees startups can have the same talent and resources for their disruptive idea without financially straining themselves. The price difference of a virtual staff and an on-premise staff is so vast that our IT staff augmentation model allows companies to onboard talent in a quick turnaround time.



IT staff augmentation model other than being easy to find talent and resources has multiple advantages. IT staff augmentation models can help companies to save money on multiple fronts, such as buying furniture, utility payments, insurance, dedicated HR staff and more. Another advantage which is never given its proper due is the ability of companies to scale according to needs. If the client miscalculated the time required for deployment or launch, with a couple of messages, the client can have multiple virtual staff working in the project to meet deadlines and goals. This ability to have multiple talents and resources on such notice is only possible with Microsoft's staffing services. Clients can even have 24-hour staffing covered by our employees on short notice as well. Companies can save money on staffing and recruitment teams by hiring entire virtual teams, with statutory and regulatory covered from our sides, our clients can be busy with new ideas instead of micromanaging between multiple teams and departments of the same company. As mentioned IT staff augmentation model aligns our goals with the goals of our clients, thus ensuring success is mutually beneficial for both parties.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services in the UK

Cloud Consulting Services

Web App Development Services

You can use our staff augmentation services for all your web development projects. We have individual talents or teams with expertise in different technologies like Mean, Mern, PHP, Python and more.


Mobile App Development

You can use our IT staff augmentation services for all your mobile app development projects. We experienced teams dedicated to native (Android, iOS) and hybrid (react native & Flutter) apps.

Cloud migration Consulting


We have an experienced DevOps team which works closely with the development team to embed the culture of DevOps in workflows and automate the end-to-end product delivery pipeline.

Cloud migration Consulting

Start Up Services

We combine the multiple talents within our organization to deliver a minimum viable product to get a better understanding of the product and the environment of the competition it exists in.

Staff Augmentation Challenges & Misconceptions


IT Staff Augmentation is Cost Cutting

This is difficult conceptually, because this statement is true in long term hiring and false in short term staff augmenting. There are lots of hidden costs in full time hiring a full time employee, which factors in the total company’s cost over a period of time. Niche technology experts are incredibly expensive when seen as a full time prospect but with staff augmentation companies, client organizations get access to them for a fraction of a cost.


IT Staff Augmentation Is More Expensive

Simply not true, when seen on a per hour basis, it might look like it, but factor in training costs, health insurance costs, support admin costs, infrastructure costs, and more. Calculating all the costs associated with the hiring process itself, staff augmentation companies give more value. Furthermore, there are time saving factors as well, the access to skills and talents are immediate, so delays with projects are reduced.


Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Service

This is one of the most common misconceptions related to staff augmentation, the biggest difference is complexity and cost of these choices. Managed service is defined by definitive deliverables which also might have a quality metric as well and the time frame is flexible as well as the deliverables can be changed at will. IT Staff augmentation has very less flexibility as the number of employees under a staff augmentation contract is less than an managed service contract. The definite deliverables are static as well.


Staff Augmentation Vs Outsourcing

Outsourcing is pretty static with respect to the total number of employees, outcomes, risk and quality. Staff augmentation gives organizations much more control on many metrics, as staff augmentation is very more flexible, organizations with staff augmentation can control the quality of outcomes which is difficult with outsourcing and managed services.

Staff Augmentation Process Flow

Cloud Consulting Services

Requirement Gathering

Understand the client's end goal, long term goals and short term goals. Define the technologies and resources required.

Cloud services Consulting

Finalize the Engagement Model

After understanding the project, come to a consensus on an engagement model which doesn't compromise on the delivery quality or date.

Our Staff Augmentation Models

Cloud Consulting Services

Project Scope Assessment

Define the set of processes that ensure a project’s success, include hours, resources and the end goals.

Cloud services Consulting

Resource Allocation

Allocates resources from each department and delegates the tasks within the process.

Cloud services Consulting

Project Kickoff

prepare the individual team members on the client’s expectations, communication, and collaboration for the project.

Cloud services Consulting

Daily/weekly Updates

Have a report activity on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the client or project, this gives everyone an idea about where they and tasks are in the process.

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