The Best Salesforce Consulting Services in the UK For Leveraging The Best CRM

Urolime is one of the Salesforce consulting Company in UK, we believe that the customer experience is the ultimate metric for the success of any product or service. We are a team of Salesforce developers with multiple successful Salesforce deployments. Urolime is the perfect partner for your Salesforce CRM Development needs driven successful developments, implementations and integrations. We provide all services related to Salesforce, integration, implementation, consulting, SalesForce Lightning, customized development services to migrations and more. We are highly rated by customers when it comes to our Salesforce consulting services, our SalesForce developers help our clients by adding value to their business.

Urolime Salesforce services


Salesforce consulting

Get the best information about how Salesforce can transform your organization, our Salesforce consultants can guide organizations to solve all the CRM related challenges. Our Salesforce consultants can give organizations accurate models on how salesforce can accelerate their sales, customer service and marketing. Other than technology, our Salesforce consultants also train organizations to fully leverage Salesforce.


Salesforce customization

Our Salesforce services also cover Salesforce customization services, we can custom Salesforce to cater to specific industries. From realestate to retail, we can customize to meet the requirements and demands of the customer. Our Salesforce consultants come with a wealth of experience from different industries, they also automate Salesforce to maximize ROI activities as well.


Salesforce Implementation

Every organization uses Salesforce differently, sometimes organizations do not use all the functionalities as well. Implementation is a huge part of our Salesforce consulting service as it encomposes training, integrating, structuring, sometimes data transferring, sometimes migrating and more. QA engineers ensure that the launch is smooth, furthermore our organization also supports the client even after the launch.


Salesforce Application Development

Most of the time, our clients demand a custom application as the previous application was not producing the results they wanted. We can develop a custom Salesforce application which lands on all the expectations and demands of the client. A custom Salesforce application can effectively solve all the project management issues due to the niche nature of the Salesforce application.


Salesforce Migration

Migrations are usually difficult due to multiple reasons, some of the common ones are resistance to change, migration also has a negative perception and more. A migration begins with setting up an environment where feedback and expectations are tallied to ensure that the migration is successful and accepted by the individuals in an organization. Training and support also follows to cement the change.


Salesforce Integration

The acceptance of Salesforce has been its flexibility and adaptability across multiple softwares running from Social Media portals to IT service management softwares. With our Salesforce integration services, an organization can be connected from the front desk to the IT networking person who sits in the other end of the organizational structure.


Salesforce Upgradation

When an organization grows the tools and softwares which supports the organization with the day to day activities needs to be upgraded as well. Our Salesforce upgradation services specifically caters to this situation. From adding modules to scaling up the entire application, our Salesforce consulting services ensure the application is usable in case of an exponential growth and not just term fixes.

Salesforce Products We Work With


Salesforce CPQ Solutions

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote), is one of the most sought services of Salesforce, this solution is used to automate complex processes within the sales pipeline. This service can reduce financial risk, generate business insights, automate customer lifecycle, track contract amendments and more. This service can help organizations to grow exponentially by simplifying complex tasks.


Salesforce Lightning Development Services

Our Salesforce Lightning Services starts with developing a strategy to migrate Salesforce classic to Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce Lightning has become the flagship product of the organization, with better user experience, advanced analytics and better lead generation tools. Companies using Salesforce have been migrating to Salesforce lightning, but it is easier said than done, as the apps within the application have to be built with Visualforce.


Salesforce Pardot Services

Salesforce’s Pardot is a SaaS tool for B2B marketing automation. It has been developed to help users to navigate the most difficult marketing segment, B2B, which involves multiple complex sales funnels. We provide Salesforce Pardot Consultancy, Salesforce Pardot Implementation, Salesforce Pardot Integration, Salesforce Pardot Email Marketing, Salesforce Pardot Lead Management and more.

Why Choose Us As Your Salesforce Consulting Partner in UK?

Our customer’s success is the most important metric for us. That is the only metric which drives us towards our next challenge.

Cloud Consulting Services


We ensure that all our deliverables stand up to all the tests conducted by our fastidious QA engineers. While being bug-free is good, it is more important to us that our solutions meet all the demands and expectations of our customers.

Cloud services Consulting


We have a 24/7 support team, so please feel free to contact us for any assistance. Moreover, our salesforce consultants conduct regular workshops and classes to enlighten all our clients to all the new updates and upgrades.

Cloud migration Consulting


All our Salesforce development is all about the features and functionalities which adds business values to our clients. Our Salesforce consultants and Salesforce developers come together to develop the perfect bespoke version of salesforce for all our clients.

What Do Our Salesforce Consultants in the UK Do?


Values & Businesses

Individual businesses need different outcomes from their Salesforce adoption, this where our Salesforce developers can identify areas where the organizations streamline their process and add value.


Strategy & Mapping

Once the outcomes and values are agreed upon, we come with a roadmap to implement and develop the application. We make a list of all the features and functionalities which will be implemented and which one will not be used.


Development & Implementation

We develop and implement the application which checks the boxes in the checklist which consists of business values, organizational outcomes, features and functionalities. Furthermore, all of the features and functionalities are customized to cater the needs of the client.


Training & Support

Our Salesforce consultants will train the employees to leverage the salesforce application to the maximum. We also provide 24/7 support to ensure that the application delivers on the business values and organizational outcomes.

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