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CAMS Approach to DevOps

DevOps was one of the critically acclaimed software methodologies since it was introduced the term was coined in 2009 at a conference by Patrick Debois and Andrew “Clay” Shafer. The multiple advantages provided was one of the sole reason for its adoption by almost every organisations that involved these two teams i.e Development and Operations.

The Core values of DevOps

To get the full benefits of DevOps model in the organisation, there are many factors that have to be satisfied, then only it can be described that the DevOps implementation is successful. Every DevOps model consists of certain core values follow the CAMS approach for successful running in an environment. CAMS is an acronym describing the core values of the DevOps Movement It was coined by Damon Edwards and John Willis at DevOpsDays in 2010. CAMS is an acronym for the following:


  • C= Culture
  • A= Automation
  • M= Measurement
  • S= Sharing

Alright, let’s get on with these core values more deeply



The purpose of DevOps methodology is the bringing of unity among different teams so that they all work as a single entity to achieve a designated target for the organisation. Since the teams are working together, it creates a positive attitude or culture among the teams which in turn improves the overall environment for the teams to work, makes the team capable of handling situations more wisely, enables continuous learning and sharing skills are developed. All this leads to efficient and innovative software development and delivery.


This is the most vital factor of the DevOps culture. The purpose of automation is to build a system such that it eliminates various human errors and can fix errors and repeating the successful process again without any sort of intervention or delays. Automation greatly improves the workflow and productivity of the organisation.


Measurement is all about monitoring and tracking the progress of various activities involved in the DevOps environment. Like Automation, measurement is also important because by measuring the different system metrics, we can know how the system works or what needs to be done to increase performance and productivity etc. for eg. the software development lifecycle


The key success of DevOps in any organization is sharing the tools, discoveries, and knowledge among teams. Sharing has many benefits inside and outside the organisation i.e finding people in the organization who have similar requirements will create newer opportunities to collaborate. Also, redundant works can be eliminated. Finding people with common interests will result in better engagement among them. Outside the organization, sharing resources within trusted communities helps to get new features implemented in open source software more quickly.


CAMS to Continuous Delivery

The target of a DevOps team is delivering software applications to customers faster as the company strategy intends. This is achieved by continuous delivery. The possible way to achieving continuous delivery is to follow the CAMS approach which is:

  • Developing a culture by respecting one other
  • Automate wherever possible to eliminate errors
  • Measure and keep track of the various
  • Share feedbacks, ideas and resources with trusted people

About Us

Urolime is one of the leading DevOps consulting company with considerable experience in supporting customers around the globe in adopting DevOps practices. As an AWS and Cloud consulting partner, Urolime not only has experience in Cloud Migrations but also support the vast customer base to enable scalable and highly available architecture on AWS, Azure, and GCP. The customers benefit from our expert involvement in Deployment Automation (CI/CD), Infrastructure Automation, Dockerization, Security, Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation and 24/7 Managed Services with 10 Minutes SLA. Urolime is one of the companies which deals with a bunch of Kubernetes solution build for the customer on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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