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State of DevOps 2020 – Key Takeaways

Puppet’s State of DevOps

2020 State of DevOps report is out, in the year of the pandemic the biggest shock was security taking the center stage instead of collaboration. But, this could be because of the high number of security incidents taking places in 2020. But below mentioned are some o the key findings from puppet.com’s report, the sample size is 2949 professionals from across the world.

  • Security integration is messy, especially in the middle stages of evolution.
  • Integrating security throughout the software delivery lifecycle leads to positive outcomes.
  • Integrating security deeply into the software delivery lifecycle makes teams more than twice as confident of their security posture.
  • Doing DevOps well enables you to do security well.

The goal of this survey was to find the importance of integrating security into the development process, the biggest challenges in achieving that the lack of existing structure of integrating security protocols in the development cycle. Security is still seen as an afterthought rather than an integral part of the development process. But, everyone agreed that while integrating security in the development cycle does extend the timeframe of the development cycle but there is confidence (both in the sense of business outcomes and security) in service and products where security is part of the development lifecycle.   

Google Cloud Platform and DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment)

Perhaps the biggest survey of its kind, the sample size is huge 31,000 individuals from across the world. This survey has done for the past six years, and every year the number of respondents have increased, and the insights have been a major source of information for service providers. Below mentioned are some the key takeaways from the report.

  • The best strategies for scaling DevOps in organizations focus on structural solutions that build community.
  • Cloud continues to be a differentiator for elite performers and drives high performance.
  • Delivering software quickly, reliably, and safely is at the heart of technology transformation and organizational performance.
  • The industry continues to improve, particularly among the elite performers.

The purpose of this survey was pretty board, the surveyors wanted to find how the technologies were improving the performances and outputs of both individuals and organizations. The biggest piece of data was that the gap between high tier and medium-tier companies has grown more from the previous years. The difference was the adoption of DevOps and cloud technologies. Another take away was companies were still wary of adopting new technologies, some would rather strengthen their foundations of basic development life cycle than adopt new workflows and technologies. 

DevOps Institute  

A survey which is aimed purely at asking how companies are using DevOps for development, implementation of DevOps, hiring on the basis of DevOps expertise and basically anything and everything DevOps. The sample size was just 1260, but the respondents were professionals whose skills were dependent directly in contact with DevOps and digital transformation. Below mentioned are some of the main takeaways from the survey.

  • DevOps adoption, Agile and SRE have all gained in their percentage for must-have skills
  • External recruiting is still the predominant hiring model.
  • The DevOps Engineer role title has almost doubled in popularity.
  • Governance, risk and compliance/audit has increased its must-have skill vote by 4%.
  • CI/CD toolchain knowledge is a must-have skill.
  • Interpersonal skills have risen from last year’s 3rd spot in must-have to this year’s second spot.
  • Collaboration and cooperation is still the top must-have human skill.

The biggest takeaway is that DevOps assimilation is still difficult, this is surprising that many as far 50% of all professionals though this way. DevOps is still seen as a human first workflow shift and the tools are not given as importance. The biggest competition for DevOps is site reliability engineering (SRE). 


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