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Cloud Desktops and DevOps, two sides of the same coin

It’s mandatory to have a grip over the DevOps environment if you are an IT entrepreneur. Given the current pandemic situation, the major challenge for every software development firms is how to carry out operations in a problem-free and cost-effective manner. Cloud computing with cloud desktops, and how well it is managed can help you get going.

Getting familiar with cloud desktop operations

We all used to work at offices in our cubicles and work stations and that was the routine thing until the pandemic stuck. Now the norm is to work from home or from anywhere you are convenient. This is done with the help of cloud computing via cloud desktops. Cloud desktops give you the freedom to store, monitor, access, and share pivotal functional data with your colleagues and clients.

Cost-saving for DevOps 

There are remarkable savings that you can enjoy with cloud desktops and cloud-enabled IT operations. No need to worry about hiring staff and provide them a specific space to get work done. You can go ahead with the onboarding process, and just make sure the tasks are getting done with the help of cloud computing. Gone are the days when you had to look for expensive office spaces and worry about the monthly, electrical, and maintenance overheads Now as the cloud computing work culture is on the go, you can enjoy a great deal of monthly savings. 

Cloud-enabled IT Support

There is no need for an in house IT technical support team as you are not maintaining a fully functional office with the required IT assets. You can take the help of a professional IT support team when technical issues arises and get them resolved, via cloud desktops. They will provide you with quick technical support and close issues at the earliest.

Work efficiency 

One of the prime advantages to set up cloud desktops is that all the DevOps works are carried out in a much effective manner. This is because cloud computing provides you with more CPU power, RAM, and storage. The GPU-arrayed cloud instances will enable smooth operation for additional workloads. There is no need to have periodical hardware up-gradation. The time and resources required to purchase additional hardware can be used to focus on new projects and effective implementation.  This also contributes to remarkable cost savings for the firm. The DevOps technicians can quickly upload important data to cloud space by working with cloud desktops. There is nothing to worry about any unwanted delay in the operations.


There is no need to hire the service of a security management firm when the team is working with cloud desktops. The risk of stealing physical desktops from the office premises and confidential data being hacked is minimal to nil. This again leads to potential cost reduction. Advanced cloud IAM policies can be used for controlling access to cloud desktops. 

Cloud desktops are thus now fully compatible with DevOps tools and strategies. The future is promising for cloud computing with more advanced IT ideas and applications in the making.

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