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AWS Worklink


Amazon has been dominating the cloud computing industry for quite some time now. Even though there are popular rivals like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba cloud, Amazon AWS still tops out in terms of Market share of nearly 33%. In order to become the top leader in the cloud computing industry, it is not an easy task, it requires a lot of innovation, up to date security measures, highly skilled personnel and no compromise for failures.

Typical scenario


In an organisation, there will be internal files and confidential data that must be securely stored and access to those files will be usually limited with the people mainly responsible for it. The employees can only access the files by connecting to the organisational network but what if the employee wanted to access the files using his/her personal phone securely in case of emergencies. It is not easily possible to access from outside the organisational network.


Organisations employ certain security techniques when they grant employees access to secure company sites. One of the most common is Mobile Device Management which registers and monitors all devices that have accessed the data. Well, the good news is that leading cloud service provider Amazon Web Services found a solution for that by introducing AWS Worklink.


What is Worklink


AWS Worklink is a fully managed service that lets you provide your employees with secure, easy access to your internal corporate websites and web apps using their mobile phones. So, how does it work?

With WorkLink, when the employee wants to access a particular file, that file is opened on a secure browser container on the AWS cloud. The AWS cloud then sents the web content onto the employee’s personal device. The web browser in the cloud recreates the exact structure of the content as a fully interactive graphical representation. The employee can then access this content through the web browser on their device.


You must be wondering if the web page gets viewable on the client’s device. Doesn’t it get stored on the client device? If that happens, then how can that data be secure?


This is where the brilliance of AWS Worklink is done. As you see, the user is able to view the company web page However, the page is not streamed from the cloud, instead, it is a data package that is embedded onto the employee’s device. After viewing the content and closing the browser, the embedded content is destroyed, therefore it does not store on the client’s device. Pretty clever, huh?


Security in your pocket


The biggest feature of Worklink is that it doesn’t directly connect the client device with the company secured network. Instead, the content is sent to a browser hosted within AWS’s cloud infrastructure where it is converted into a fully interactive simple vector graphics simulacrum of the chosen content. This graphical content is then viewed on the client web browser. The copied content is not only viewable but can be edited. Currently, WorkLink only supports iOS 12 and higher. Support for Android has not been specified. Also, AWS Worklink works with the Safari browser, but not Chrome.




  • WorkLink needs less bandwidth as it no longer has to process HTML, style sheets and JavaScript Files for viewing the content on the client device.
  • The data is not stored on the device because it is sent as an embedded data package and the content is displayed as a graphical representation.
  • Since the content effectively self-destructs upon finishing viewing, it reduces the risk of sensitive content being stored anywhere or misused.

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