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Make your organization future-ready with DevSecOps

Gone are the days of Waterfall and Agile, DevOps has emerged to be the most sought-after software development approach.With the rise of DevOps came the CI/CD pipeline. The ever-growing popularity of the continuous approach can well be attributed to its ability to help teams release quality codes faster and frequently.

The paradigm shift of the software development industry towards CI/CD pipeline has resulted in shorter development cycles, better code quality, time-to-market, faster release, easy bug detection and fixing, increase in code coverage and much more.

Securing the CI/CD pipeline is critical for any business because gaining unwanted access to the pipeline can result in corruption of the software delivery process and also provide digital hackers an opportunity to pull off something resembling your software. This is where DevSecOps comes into the picture.

Understanding DevSecOps


Development+Security+Operation = DevSecOps


The concept of DevSecOps eliminates bottlenecks associated with older security models incorporated in the modern continuous delivery pipeline integrating “Security with Code” or “Security as Code“. In stark contrast to conventional approaches wherein security is added an additional layer to a finished product, DevSecOps recommends carrying out security audits and penetration testing during the SDLC. In other words, security is built into a product rather than adding it in the end. This also ensures that you don’t encounter any frustrating security vulnerabilities at the end of the SDLC. Do you want your product to be deemed insecure at the last minute? I can hear a big NO!

The Four Fundamental Pillars of DevSecOps

DevSecOps drives visibility, collaboration, and agility in the DevOps pipeline by instilling a secure culture and incorporating required practices and tools. Even though organizations have their custom tailored cybersecurity strategies, DevSecOps essentially rests on four pillars namely:




It is all about breaking the conventional silos and driving collaboration, transparency and accountability in your team.




Follow a simplified and secure developmental process in your organization.




Leverage technology to incorporate automation in your process as much as possible.


This revolves around building a scalable framework that fuels automation and collaboration.

Why DevSecOps is important?

In the light of rapidly growing security threats, It has become more important than ever to build safe and secure software. With secure products come credibility in the market and it also helps to build the trust factor among your customers. The real power of DevSecOps lies in the fact that it can bring continuity to securing our deliverables. Automated security checks in the pipeline provide early warnings and help monitor escaped security vulnerabilities. By incorporating security protocols into the development process, DevSecOps enables professionals to harness the true power of agile techniques without undermining the basic goal to create secure codes.

Benefits of DevSecOps

DevSecOps comes as a breath of fresh air for organizations still juggling with traditional security measures. The platform offers numerous benefits including:

  • Provides Greater speed and agility to the security professionals
  • Focuses on the application’s security right from the beginning
  • Early identification of security vulnerabilities
  • Enables full utilization of cloud services with increased preventive and detective security controls
  • Quickly respond to changes and new requirements
  • Provides transparency right from the beginning of the development process
  • Faster recovery in case of a security breach
  • Improves overall security leveraging security automation
  • Enhances collaboration and communication
  • Increases code coverage and automation

Technology is rewriting the rules of business. To stay ahead of competition, businesses need to adopt DevSecOps to build, test and release secure software deliverables at a much faster pace.With more and more organizations realizing the importance of securing their CI/CD pipeline,adoption rates of DevSecOps is increasing rapidly. The approach is enabling organizations to deliver secure, quality apps faster.

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