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Deployment Tools for Kubernetes

Kubernetes is no doubt the best platform for orchestrating containers. Well, what is this container orchestration? It is the managing of multiple containers across a cluster. We all know what containers are, they are a standardized unit of software that provides a convenient packaging of the application code, configurations, dependencies and other resources that can easily be deployed as a single software system.

The popularity

Many reasons can be attributed to the success of Kubernetes. There are alternatives to Kubernetes available. Some of them Docker Swarm, Apache Mesos etc but still Kubernetes has remained the global player in the standardization of containers. One reason is that Kubernetes was introduced as an open source version of Borg by Google in mid-2014. Currently, Kuberentes is managed by Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Another reason is its huge community base and support which further increases its popularity and obviously, organisations will definitely adopt it for managing and deploying multiple software as containers.

The Tools

Since the popularity of Kubernetes has increased to global levels, these are some of the tools that can be used with Kubernetes for managing container orchestration more efficiently.



Formerly known as Kargo, Kubespray is an open source project under the Kubernetes community that provides a set of tools, that are designed for deploying production-ready clusters. provides a set of Ansible roles for deployment and configuration of Kubernetes clusters. This tool is a good choice for people who are already familiar with Ansible as there’s no need to use another tool for provisioning and orchestration. Kubespray uses kubeadm under the hood. The official link for Kuberspray is here.



Kubeadm is a distribution tool in Kubernetes since version 1.4. It was built for providing kubeadm init & kubeadm join as the fast paths for creating Kubernetes clusters. The main advantage of kubeadm is the ability to launch minimum viable Kubernetes clusters anywhere. Check out more right here.



Kube-AWS is an open source incubator project that allows setting up of Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services, AWS. Kube-AWS allows you to create, update and destroy traditional Kubernetes clusters on AWS. The main advantage of Kube-AWS is that provides seamless integration with several AWS features such as KMS, Auto Scaling groups, node pools and others. More information on Kube AWS can be found here.


Amazon EKS

Amazon EKS, short for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes is a managed service that integrates wit Kuberenetes for deploying, managing and scaling containerized applications. Amazon EKS integrates with multiple native Amazon services such as Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS PrivateLink and AWS CloudTrail. You can check about Amazon EKS here.



Minikube is a software tool that allows you to install and try out Kubernetes locally. It is suitable for people who would like to try out Kubernetes more easily. By using Mnikube, it sets up a Kubernetes cluster inside a virtual machine (VM) on your PC or laptop. Minikube supports various Kubernets features such as DNS, NodePorts, Dashboards etc. More information about Minikube can be found here.


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