5 Things that make DevOps Unsuccessful

The rise of DevOps adoption is dramatically increasing, and it won’t just decrease any time soon, that’s certain for sure. The main reason for its adoption is the way how it makes the overall workflow more efficient. However, not every organisation has a success story with DevOps. There can be cases where DevOps may not be as successful as expected. Many factors are responsible for it. Here, we will see the reason for its failure.

What makes DevOps unsuccessful

Just by directly adopting DevOps, it doesn’t result in complete success. To make DevOps successful, there are a lot of things that need to be done correctly, as we see, DevOps is not a software, it is a methodology that must be followed. The factors that make DevOps failure can be many things such as inefficient workflows, lack of teamwork etc, Below we list the five things that make DevOps unsuccessful in an organisation.

The Five things

Lack of automation

By automating the essential processes, it will lead to an efficient software development process and streamlined workflow. Another advantage is that it provides developers to focus on other works more easily. By implementing automation, it checks and balances, performs quality testing, controls analysis and help in reducing workloads for the team.

Increasing Friction

The whole concept of DevOps is to unite the development and operations teams in order to work together. In traditional approaches, since both these teams are working separately, friction occurs between the teams in case if the software development goes awry. To avoid such a nasty situation, The both teams need to work together by using the tools offered under DevOps and innovate on current paradigms. Minimizing inefficiencies and friction should be the number one priority.

Longer time for development

One goal of DevOps is minimizing the time required to develop quality code. In traditional software development, a considerable amount of time is taken for development and testing by the operations team. The time gap increases if there are any errors during the testing which will have to be rectified from the developer side. An increasing time delay for software deployment is not appreciable for a company. However, with successful DevOps methodology implemented, with shorter times, the companies can launch the complete software code faster and can be deployed much more smoothly.

Loss of Standardization

As the software is being developed, sometimes there will be the need to add new features and additions but it won’t work efficiently as expected. Sometimes the application may be created for certain customers or for B2B applications that rely on specific features. This reduces the standardization of the software application, which leads to challenges in the future. The solution is to create a standardized product that can be scaled across global zones.

Limiting the full potential of tools

In a DevOps culture, both the developers and operations teams should know all the tools currently available in order to enhance their workflows. From Docker to GIT, there are several tools that help in enhancing the development program. The Team should also experiment with multiple tools that offer dramatic impact in specific areas. The point is that the tools should be used to their maximum for achieving the end result.

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