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Best ways to establish a consultative relationship with your eDiscovery managed service provider

There is a legit and strong partnership between a law firm and their eDiscovery Managed service providers when it is done perfectly. Dealing with electronic data is crucial. This is why you need to ensure that the eDiscovery Managed service providers you prefer to work with are in a way the addition to your legal team. This to make sure that every project is carried out cost-effectively and on time. Now the question is how you create this relationship. Heed for open communications and that’s the best method to get this done. There can never be healthy relationships when the communication is not proper or tends to be in a one-sided manner. So it is very important to maintain proper and open communication with your project management as well as your sales contacts. The facets mentioned below will help you in opening proper lines of effective communication.

  1. You should be able to listen to the valuable feedback that your teammates want to share regarding what works and what doesn’t about the service that the Managed service providers can offer 
  2. Inform your Managed service providers regarding your goals and strategies for growth. This information that you share with them can in turn help them to provide you with the perfect methodologies and tools for achieving your goals. 
  3. It is highly recommended that you have the right person on your team who can speak out for your firm. That person should be able to effectively communicate with your eDiscovery service provider so that both the parties can churn out strategies, deploy them effectively and make sure they are successful. 
  4. Never refrain from having healthy and proper communication with your service providers. Not sharing or disclosing valuable information with them may not provide you the desired results that you expect.
  5. Indulge in frequent conversations with your managed service partner to find out new ways and strategies to ensure your client’s success. In other words, leave no stone unturned. 
  6. Always treat your service providers as the extension of your team and not as a third-party entity. 
  7. Always search for better opportunities that enable your service providers for hosting CLE’s or any other related educational programs. This can be much helpful for sharing the correct information regarding new laws, processes, and technologies that make your business more innovative. 
  8. Work closely with your service provider for developing both playbooks and collateral for your firm. 
  9. It is imperative to consider and treat your managed service provider as your most trusted partner and that will surely help your firm in numerous possible ways. This close relationship with your service partner will pave more ways to bring out fresh and innovative ideas together to the table. By doing so, you are gaining valuable professional experience at no extra cost.
  10. Try to expand your reach to potential clients by using the best available resources together with your service provider.
  11. The successful partnership with your managed service provider will enable you to easily resolve complicated litigations. 
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