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Container Wars – Kubernetes vs. Docker – Part 1

As Kubernetes becomes more and more popular as a  container orchestration solution, the phrase Kubernetes Vs Dockers is thrown around in the DevOps crowd. To be honest the whole phrase “Kubernetes vs. Docker” is itself quite misleading. A couple of things, first thing first they are not direct competition to each other. Both of these solutions go about the containerization completely differently. Let’s take a look at them individually to get a better understanding of them.  

Taking Kubernetes first, K8 is an open source container storage solution developed and built by Google. It uses Mountain View to base its container-worldview, while K8 is a fast, scalable, responsive and indeed a powerful solution. Kubernetes also gets a fair share of criticisms about its complexity and lots of nuances it comes with.

Docker, the current favourite among the containerization solutions now, it is a flexible container storage platform which gives priority to usability and the ability to customize according to the needs of a DevOps engineer or an organization. When compared with Kubernetes, Docker is a consumer-focused solution. Docker can be downloaded for free and it is easy to learn as well due to the support form the community. There are paid and free packages according to the needs of the end user.

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