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The biggest and best advantages are simpler things, for example implementing the latest technology, 24/7/365 Uptime, and having the best cybersecurity practices. Know how our managed hosting services is right for your business.

Get The Right Managed Hosting Services For Your Needs

Companies nowadays rely on innovation more than anything else, so instead of being bogged down with server monitoring, security monitoring, and IT infrastructure monitoring. 

With our managed hosting services as a well known managed hosting providers, we make sure you are inside your conference room and coming up with the next big disruptive idea. Instead of spending money and resources on cybersecurity experts and cloud network engineers, you can get better services with our managed hosting solutions can do for you, your network moderation and cybersecurity with our managed hosting services.

Always There 

We regularly check for uptimes, just to make sure all your services and products are available to your customers at all times in our managed web hosting. This constant checking allows us to take preemptive actions before any issues to a larger part of the customer base. We also backup your service and products at regular interval and also after updates, the backups are also of different levels such as live and staging backups. Our clients can get additional backup services according to their liking. All of your services and products will be online and will be operational because we will scale them up or down according to the surge in traffic. We have expertise in multiple cloud services such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service (we are a certified partner), IBM Cloud Services to Microsoft Azure. Given our expertise with managed cloud hosting and with managed hosting providers as well, we will leverage whatever cloud service you choose to its maximum limits.   

24/7/365 Support  

Feel free to ask us for help or guidance when using our managed hosting services and our managed cloud hosting service. Choose how you wish to communicate with the support team, call us, email us, and start a chat with us. Our managed web hosting service comes with a highly trained and experienced team are always online to help in any way possible.  We follow a rigid ticketing omg ссылка system internally so as to make sure that no query gets unanswered or unsupported, our clients don’t need to generate a ticket themselves(depending upon the complexity and severity of the query)  just contact our support team and they will create one for you. This structured way of approaching support helps us to maintain a 100% solve rate, in our team we experts of all levels and of specific expertise, so to match them to your requirements.  From managing configurations, deploying custom packages, and constant monitoring, our wide bandwidth of support is designed to be minimally used for maximum productivity.   

Assured Performance

Although there are reservations for shared hosting out there, we have dedicated resources to make sure sure that our servers are running optimally. We have created an environment with our managed web hosting service based on our experience in managed hosting services and managed cloud hosting services. For example, we use SSDs instead of HDDs for faster performance and reduced page loading time. We use tools like Redis, Nginx, and Varnish to provide our clients with an optimized stack to deliver accelerated services. We use the latest technologies available out there so that our clients get performance which is second to none. All our servers are PHP 7.3 ready, we also have a  Urolime CDN which is basically a turbo version of all our services, our clients are implemented our premium service with a couple of clicks from their terminal.   


Our managed server hosting and managed web hosting services come with multiple security features after all security is something we give the utmost importance. Our cybersecurity specialists are up to date on all potential threats and use tools that are on the cutting edge in the industry.  We provide multiple dedicated firewalls which filter out suspicious and malicious traffic in real-time. These types of unusual traffic are usually a part of a planned and consolidated botnet attack usually designed to steal data or overload the system for no purpose. As an initial security measure, we provide an SSL installation, this makes your products and services as trusted by search engines and in-browser security credentials checking features. Specific IPs are whitelisted, the whitelisted IPs are usually your partners in the development of your products and services. We also provide two-factor authentication for all your critical IT terminals, this a very simple yet very efficient way to keep your server safe from all intruders. Rest assured all our security programs are regularly updated and patched.

About Urolime managed hosting services

Urolime is one of the most experienced AWS Consulting Partners and started its Managed AWS Service and IT Managed services around a decade. As one of the top managed cloud hosting companies in India, we have helped hundreds of customers to build their architecture design, deployment, migration, automation, security, optimization, and 24/7 Management. Our IT managed services company in India has vast knowledge and experience in all major managed hosting solutions such as Compute, Storage & Content Delivery, Database, Networking, managed web hosting, Enterprise Applications, managed hosting providers, managed server hosting,  Mobile Services, IoT, Developer and Management Tools, Security and Application Services.


Urolime is known to be one of the best and reliable cloud managed hosting solutions provider in India, who help customers round the clock. The in-depth knowledge and experience we possess help our customers to avoid all hassles of migration to the cloud and continuous management thereafter. Our customers get the additional advantage of periodic analysis of the infrastructure which helps them to minimize their unwanted expenses from time to time. As one of the top managed services companies in India, Urolime also conducts periodic security audits in its managed server hosting Service to make sure the customer infrastructure is always secure without any vulnerabilities.


Urolime, being one of the leading managed hosting solutions companies in India has a lot of working experience in all major cloud solution providers like AWS, Rackspace, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode, etc. Urolime is always up to date in technology and that’s why we have a very experienced managed server hosting service provider. We as a managed hosting providers, we have helped a lot of customers to completely achieve the deployment automation and infrastructure automation with industry best Configuration Management Tools like Ansible and Puppet and Continuous Integration with the famous and most used Jenkins.


Managed hosting solutions is one of the core expertise of Urolime and we have a 24/7 Monitoring & Support Team as a managed hosting providers, we are operated from our Network Operation Center (NOC) in India. Urolime is one of the preferred managed service providers in India and the backend support team for IT Support Companies, Software Development Companies, Cloud Solution Providers, and Hosting Providers. Our white-labeled support solutions help these partner companies to have their own remote support team with minimal operating expenses with access to a large talent pool.


Our managed hosting providers have helped Web Hosting Companies, managed hosting solutions Providers, IT Support, and Software Development companies to have their Dedicated IT Team for their long term projects and support. Our Dedicated IT Team model is 100% successful business model for all of our customers and the customer possesses complete control over the team as in their remote office.         


Urolime Technologies has made groundbreaking accomplishments in the field of Google Cloud & Kubernetes Consulting, DevOps Services, 24/7 Managed Services & Support, Dedicated IT Team, Managed AWS Consulting and Azure Cloud Consulting. We believe our customers are Smart to choose their IT Partner, and we “Do IT Smart”.
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