Our Checklist For Your Cloud Transition Part 2

We have seen until now, the things to consider such as performance KPIs, levels of integration, choosing between the number of cloud vendors, and more. Now we will see how you can set achievable goals, which parts of your product and service will remain in your premise and some specific plans for your cloud migration.

Baseline Performance   

We have established some performance indicators, now it is time to set some baseline performance between pre-migration and post-migration. Having a baseline performance makes sure that you have not lost any edge by transitioning (although highly unlikely) but having a specific number for many of your outputs helps in giving a bird’s eye view what has changed and how much has changed in the transition. As mentioned before, no transition is going to be perfect, but having an eye on the details can help the cause a lot. If the right information, we can go a lot closer to our intended target.   

Prioritzed Component Migration  

You will have many products and services in your company, and those products and services will have many dependencies such as databases, APIs, third party features, and more. So you will have to have a plan for a migration path for all your products and services individually. We will use tools like New Relic APM to generate maps and will come with a strategy to migrate your products and services. To avoid any issue to the end-users of your products and services, we will be moving a product or a service that has the least number of dependencies.    

Continued Compliance 

In no minimal way, compliance is suggestions instead they are clear cut decrees. Your products and services may have end users in regions where the data cannot leave a specific region or personal data has to be protected with specific compliance. When transiting to the cloud there is not going to be a downgrade in security compliances but companies need to make sure they are following the rules set the competent authorities in regions where their products and services are used. With most cloud services, there is an upgrade in security, just make sure you have all the specific companies needed.

Planning new beginnings 

Our last point about transiting to the cloud is about planning data migration and accepting the new normal of computing within your organization. Lets being with data migration, where the data is located with respect to the region served directly affects the performance of your products and services. On the flip side, there are data regulations also, so there might on-premise databases too. So new secure communication lines need to be created if the situation arises. There is a complexity here but not for us, this something we have done before. As changing the hearts and minds within the company, we are also good implementing DevOps too, feel free to contact us about that too.


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