Top 3 Managed Services Trends to Watch Out for

Today’s unstable, macroeconomic IT atmosphere has demanded the execution of Managed Services. While the priorities of organizations have turned towards implementing technologies like Cloud, Analytics, and wearable technologies, businesses give equal importance to effectively uphold and secure their IT infrastructure. Here are the top three trends in the Managed services segment that can help businesses in strategizing their IT infra management.

1. Automation and Cloud Computing are the standards now; so are managed services:

The dramatic increase in the adoption of multi-cloud environments and increased implementation of automation are dropping manual labor in many segments of organizational effort. These technologies are also aiding companies shift from an SLA (Service-Level Agreement)-based setup to a more XLA (Experience-Level Agreement)-based method to serve the end customers. This has also emphasized the fact that many companies are yet to be ready to manage the bigger IT complexity. Hereafter, there is more dependence on managed service providers to make sure the operations are smooth with low downtime. According to recent studies, the global size of cloud managed services market is expected to surpass USD 82.51 billion by 2025, with top consumer segments consisting of business services, data center service, network services, security services, mobility services.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way companies and consumers network:

IoT has enforced businesses to re-evaluate how their customers are accessing data at present and plan on how best to influence them. Millions of devices are accessing the internet every year making the already intricate network more complicated with cybersecurity threats and integration issues. Here is where the role of Managed service providers plays. With expert resources and ontime support services, the Managed service providers strengthen the security of the IoT landscape and help businesses leverage innovation.

3. Need for complete security is increasing with IT infrastructures becoming more intricate:

The technology transformation is enforcing businesses to take a proactive approach towards securing IT infrastructure. As Cloud, mobile and social technologies enable better access to information, enterprises, as well as service providers, should look for ways to secure their IT infrastructure from cyberthreats. Improved security will require to cover the different aspects of IT ranging from antivirus and phishing security, securing cloud infrastructure, devices and network, and manpower security clearance. The need for protecting from unauthorized intervention at various entry points demands the support of a robust Managed services provider that delivers better security layers. 

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