what are the different kinds of server hosting

What are the different kinds of server hosting?

Managed server hosting is has become popular among companies. Most companies, especially small and medium-sized rely on managed server hosting providers for carrying out their business operations. Its advantages are many. Many kinds of server hosting exist in the IT field other than managed hosting. Each differs and selecting the best also depends upon your business goals.

The different types of server hosting

To host applications, you can opt for many hosting methods. Managed server hosting differs in its formulas and applications.

Web hosting

Web hosting simply means hosting a website. It is all about renting out a space called a server for storing and accessing your data and website from a hosting provider. This differs as you select the type of hosting.

  • Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most sought-after form of hosting. It is renting out a single server for multiple users. You indeed share resources among many companies but that does not mean they can penetrate your data and files. All your data and other information are safe in shared hosting.

  • It is inexpensive compared to other forms of hosting
  • The quality depends upon your managed server hosting provider.
  • It is limited in terms of handling
  • Best suited for small companies
  • Not suited if you have high traffic
  • Virtual private server hosting

As the name suggests, VPS hosting is one step ahead of shared hosting, here a physical server is shared virtually among multiple users. Here, you get resources dedicated just for your needs. It makes sure isolation between users and resources using containers.

  • Completely dedicated resources
  • A piece of technical knowledge is mandatory to handle VPS
  • Determining the need and resources a bit arduous
  • Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is all about hosting websites and applications from a network rather than a virtual server stored on a single computer.

  • It is highly scalable and flexible
  • Very expensive
  • Highly customizable
  • Minimum knowledge in the configuration of the server is necessary
  • Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is becoming popular for two reasons. First, you get everything resources, server, and exclusively dedicated for your business and you have absolute control over your resources. It is best suitable for established, big businesses.

  • It is a plush option in hosting services
  • Exclusive to your business
  • Require technical knowledge
What is managed server hosting?

The high surge for managed server hosting in India underlines its importance. The major difference between other hosting forms, it is a wholesome service rather than a plan. Here, the managed server hosting provider takes care of everything such as maintenance and backup. Managed server services are available in the above-mentioned forms.

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