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Dedicated IT Team

Urolime is the favored Offshore Dedicated IT Partner for globally Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs), IT support companies, Data Center and Hosting Companies, Cloud service providers and IT Solutions & Software Development companies. We ONLY work with the above said partner companies to help them in building a Dedicated IT Team for their IT operations which will help them in:

Step 1: Requirement Elicitation

It is the critical element for the success of any project and it helps us in creating a clear picture of client requirements and needs. It helps us to create a complete set of requirements, enable better planning and offer best costs.

At Urolime, our Business Analysts add value to client requirements by understanding their IT and business demands. By following an partner-lead approach, our business analysts develops a clear picture of requirements and align these objectives with business needs.

Step 2: Proposal

Based on our analysis and understandings, client requirements and value additions are incorporated in a suggested Dedicated Team Model proposal and submitted for the partner approval. This will include the required resources details, technologies and other details of team build. Urolime officially takes up the project after the agreement signing.

Step 3: Building Resource Pool

Urolime works closely with its partners to build a resource pool which is an integral part of our approach. Based on the proposed team, Urolime will start the interview process. We follow a series of well defined process and tests to select the best team member for our partner and our experienced talent acquisition board have several level of interview process in this phase.

Once the team members are finalized by Urolime, it will be presented to the customer to have another level of interview with the partner to make sure the acceptance of the selected resources match with partner expectation. After getting approval from the customer, Urolime will start the onboard process of the selected candidates.

Step 4: Resource Onboarding & Training

Urolime will engage a senior Team Manager along with the selected team to ensure smooth functioning of the partner projects. We are sure that this association will help them in reducing work delays, increase their savings and eliminating business risks.

The Urolime Team Manager will work closely with the partner assigned Manager to build the process, schedules, training, Knowledge Base, SLA and transition process documents for a smooth work transition to the team. The team will be trained to use all existing infrastructure resources and tools used by the partner in this phase. The team will be provided with partner company resources such as email id, phone, monitoring and reporting tools and other resource to represent the partner to its customer.

Step 5: Project Assignment

After the Onboarding process complete, the team will be fully equipped to serve partner and its customer infrastructure. In this phase, the partner project management team can start managing the team directly and assigning them with projects/tasks. From this phase, the team will be completely under the control of the partner as their extended team with us. Urolime’s Team Manager will be in the loop for some more time to make sure everything is functioning smoothly and checking whether proper training is provided as needed.

In this phase, the team will get introduced to the partner customers as their own team in India and will give detailed training on each projects that they are going to handle and share more information on the stakeholders, inventory, KBs and SLAs.

Step 6: Project Execution and Reporting

Urolime and Partner project managers will closely analyze how the projects are executed by the team, identify the gap and prepare training if necessary. This phase will have a proper escalation and reporting matrix for each level of support process to make sure SLAs guidliness are met. Proper work transitions between shifts, Scheduled meetings, and daily/weekly reporting will included in this phase. The Partner Project Management team will closely work with the customer to get their feedback to understand any improvements needed on timely basis.

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