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Advantages of staff augmentation and managed services

The world is moving at a fast pace and business organizations must stay upbeat to ensure they are racing ahead in the competitive market. Are you an aspiring business entrepreneur? Then you should focus more on making adequate changes and enhancements to your current business functionalities for keeping up with the pace. The truth is there are no drastic shortcuts or methodologies that work unanimously for every business organization out there. Therefore you must derive a well-planned and systematic approach to streamline your operations. It is always beneficial to create a perfect bridge of advanced business tools and technologies with your existing business model. The main question that comes to the minds of most of the prominent IT leaders is whether they should opt for staff augmentation or go ahead with managed services by a Managed service provider. The facets mentioned below will tell you in detail about the advantages of staff augmentation and the services rendered by a professional Managed service provider.

Staff augmentation 

Business projects are dynamic and require skilled professionals. You can keep up with the changes in your project requirements by doing staff augmentation. The main benefit of going for staff augmentation is that temporarily you can use outside personnel for augmenting or increasing the capacity of your business organization. There is no need to make any alterations to your customer’s operating model. It surely helps as a provisional solution where you get instant access to the skills and capabilities that you are missing. Costs are very much scalable and transparent as per the demand. Another advantage of choosing staff augmentation is that you can get it easily done on a contract basis. With staff augmentation, you can always be prepared for a sudden shortage of your staff because of unexpected events. Another main perk of staff augmentation is that you can evaluate your existing staff, determine which added skills you require and then go for it. It is a good method for extending your development team. 

With staff augmentation, you can enjoy the benefits of both in house hiring and outsourcing. The principle ideology is to hire staff for filling the gaps of your existing project in compliance with the business objectives. You can ensure time-saving and increased flexibility in the working capacity of your team. 

IT Managed service provider

Now let’s look into the benefits of the managed services that you can enjoy with the help of a professional Managed service provider. With the help of an IT Managed service provider, you are getting a less expensive operating model when compared to the cost of maintaining your internal staff or if you are opting for staff augmentation. It is not just the minimized costs, the additional benefits that your Managed service provider can provide you with their outsourced services are substantial. The IT Managed service provider can enable you to enjoy optimal value capture which is connected with the feasibility to move the work or task at hand to any suitable location with the right resource. Though this is the case, you must note that the IT Managed service provider also uses staff augmentation for selected services during a specific point of time as per requirement.  

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