Managed Services Industry to expand with “Smart Sourcing”

The current COVID situation has created a situation where IT professionals are mounting massive pressure while handling the logistics of remote working. The latest report from NTT Ltd., in collaboration with IDG Research, titled “2020 Global Managed Services Report” has underlined the need for “smart sourcing”. Almost 1,250 business leaders and IT experts across the globe participated in the survey to understand the challenges and opportunities around IT services  

This current situation has left many businesses to confront new threats and challenges concerning security credentials and technical expertise. More organizations are aiming for smart sourcing to top managed services companies in India to keep afloat in the midst of an uncertain business landscape.

An overview of the report says, almost 47% of the UK security practitioners and IT engineers have been forced to reorganize from their typical security jobs. This has put high vulnerability rates with many organizations and with resultant security risks. Hence, organizations are looking for ways to recover and keep up amidst the changing business landscape.

With regard to this situation, the service providers are scaling up and providing value addition and, currently, “smart sourcing” to top managed services companies in India helps companies to get the desired business outcomes. Over the next five years, the managed services market is predicted to increase from $223 billion to $329 billion, and top Managed Services companies in India are key to this disruption. 

Organizations are in dire need of technical expertise and flexibility, that helps them to scale up or down, depending on the enterprise required. Primarily for organizations, the critical factor is service continuity, along with security, governance, and compliance. From an internal viewpoint, now more than ever is IT’s time to foster stronger relationships with the business. Many organizations now understand IT cannot be taken for granted and it is essential to the working existence.”

While choosing the top managed services companies in India, technical expertise is the primary criterion for any business to consider. Outsourcing will play a vital role and aid the UK and US-based organizations to function with any other experienced firm. The top managed services companies in India can help them recover and refine with the modern macroeconomic marketplace where they operate – to ensure business continuity and growth. As per the IDG report, cloud infrastructure expertise (73%) and security skills (53%) are currently leading in the list of skill sets that are being outsourced to different top managed services companies in India.

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