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Better DevOps with Continuous testing and continuous monitoring

Continuously competitive

Techniques like Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and continuous deployment work due to constantly striving for improvement on the part of DevOps engineers. While the whole enterprise is too vast to be explained in a couple of lines, check out the previous blogs to get a better idea of the technique. In this whole process, two of lesser talked about stages are the continuous testing and the continuous monitoring stage.

Continuous testing

This process of testing is much complex than the traditional way of software testing, as software testing engineers have to make sure that while the new codes do add to features of the existing program, they also have to look out for how the new codes behave with existing codes. This is a continuous process as developers and operation go back and forth about the expectations of the end user. Our software testing engineers use automation tools to make sure that the codes are stable under any conditions, the sheer number of changes that these codes undergo, this means that software engineers are always monitoring the smallest changes in the program. This brings us to the second stage which is often overlooked.

Continuous monitoring

In the production process, the Operations team manages and makes sure that the application is performing as intended and the environment is stable via continuous monitoring. The operations teams have tools to monitor their environments and systems, These tools make sure that the applications are performing at optimal levels Sometimes the operations team need to work with Dev to build custom monitoring and analytics gathering capabilities built right into the applications being built. This would allow for practical and useful end-to-end continuous monitoring.

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