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DevOps: Eliminating The Dev Vs Ops Clash Part 1

Right and wrong at same time

Dev and Ops are not exactly at the opposite sides of the aisle, but it does seem that way given the pressure on either team. The Dev (developers) team are expected to be innovative, efficient and agile with their output. The Ops (operations) team are tasked with many pragmatic outputs such as stability, bug-free programs, end-user satisfaction. Even if they do seem to like inherently on the opposing sides, let’s be honest and accept two things about these teams. The developers do not want a develop a program which is riddled with errors, unimaginative, unstable and which will be disliked by the end user. The operation teams don’t want to limit the imagination of the developers too. All this happens due to the fact that every member of either team comes with a perspective that the developers should produce new features which must be innovative and must be implemented as fast as possible. The Operations team should be able to produce a stable end product, at any given time.

Range of vision

Even when the end goal is the same there seems to be a prevalence of clashes between the teams. Both the teams need to come out their comfort zone so that the winner is always the end user. One of the solutions could be to find to find the equilibrium between innovation and immobility. Dev needs to impress the end user with uniqueness and the ops need to impress the end user with usability and stability. In the next part of this blog, we can see how both teams fuse the above mentioned two metrics into one.

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