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DevOps: Eliminating The Dev Vs Ops Clash Part 2

Together We Can

The solution to this clash between the Dev and Ops teams is what DevOps overcomes. The whole point of DevOps is to find the sweet spot between constant innovation and unwavering stability. This is done by slightly changing the traditional mode of operation of both teams and what their end goal is.

Dev Perspective

The larger goal is to create programs that are innovative, stable and easy to use. The dev team needs to understand the nuances of the end user and their expectation from the software or product. The Dev team should also make a point to understand system and enterprise architectures so as to understand the expectations of the Ops team. The Dev team also needs to take the testing seriously too, rather seeing it as an inconvenience or criticism the dev team should look it as a simple feedback. Not last but the least having a better communication with Ops team can’t be seen as a bad habit by any stretch of the imagination.

Ops perspective

In simple words, the Ops team needs to keep with the Dev team while keeping the expectation of the end user on their minds. Ops teams need to categorize the existing codes by versioning them. The Ops team needs to automate their process so as they can be in constant touch with the Dev team. This gives the Ops team to what to expect and how to be ready for the changes in the codes. The Ops team should learn to scale their systems according to the incoming changes, again the importance of automation tools cannot be stressed here enough.

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