what successful devops centric companies teach us

What successful DevOps centric companies teach us

DevOps is a philosophy and is adopted by many software companies as well as others. Everyone talks about what DevOps is. But few try to understand how it helps organizations in software development. The technical and business merits of DevOps are well known. DevOps consulting is considered perfect for a cultural change within your organization. 

  • Adaptive release management
  • Shorter development cycles
  • Increased deployment frequency
  • Faster time to market

Besides these merits, it improves collaboration and communication between development and operational teams. If your organization has no expertise in maintaining DevOps, you can still squeeze out the best from it with the help of DevOps consulting.

The possibilities of DevOps are endless as there are no rigid practices. It is a mindset about how to collaborate with the team for timely software development. There is much to learn from these trailblazing companies about DevOps practices. If you are planning to be a DevOps centric organization, you can learn and get inspired from these companies. Those insights tell how important DevOps consulting is.

  • Amazon

Amazon. The e-commerce giant makes use of the DevOps agile approach for meeting unexpected traffic during peak seasons. It reduced the cost for servers and “the” transition to a continuous deployment process. 

  • Netflix

Netflix streaming platform has been using DevOps since it branched out from DVDs to stream on the world wide web. They set new standards by implementing new technologies to DevOps.  With DevOps, they could deploy code thousands of times in just a day. 

  • Facebook

Facebook has changed everything about software development. With DevOps, Facebook accelerated its development cycle to meet the growing expectations of its consumers. For instance, rapid updates are the new normal for mobile applications. 

  • Adobe

Adobe’s DevOps practices began when it moved to the cloud services model. Automation and management became easier with the integration of various tools. The result is swift delivery and better product management. Adobe uses CloudMunch’s DevOps services to meet its growing app development demands. 

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment

Before adopting DevOps, Sony Pictures Entertainment faced a lot of challenges regarding it from software development to software delivery. As a solution, they embraced the DevOps solution. Their DevOps model combined Saas technologies and many open-source tools like Ruby and Chef.

The list underlines the fact you can also be successful as a DevOps leader. The thing is to adopt the best DevOps consulting. Experienced DevOps professionals can accelerate your code deployment and result in swift software delivery. Hiring a DevOps consulting provider really pays off.

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