DevOps constructed Part 4

DevOps Deconstructed Part 4 – Continuous Planning – Innovation as Development

The Need

This blog may seem out of place with it coming fourth on the DevOps Deconstructed series, the reason for this will discussed down the blog. The reason for the rise of DevOps is the ability it gives organizations to better their services and products in real time. While Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) helps out with cause on a technical level, it is with continuous planning that one can achieve a DevOps that is on par market expectations and ahead of the competition.

The People

Continuous planning involves virtually everyone involved with the project, from the clients to the developers, business analysts, project coordinators, project managers, quality analysts and the lot. The planning process must state the duties and responsibilities of each individual, the standards of completed codes, the level of performance of new codes, quality metrics of codes which needs to integrate and deployed. In short, decide what gets into the pipeline translates to the finished product. Every small detail associated with the project is scrutinized in considerable detail, from resource allocation to budget allocation is finalized.

The Project

All this sounds something which is a small part of the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process, but this phase has its own importance. This planning process lays down a plan which will be followed for a long software development cycle. This process will decide which direction to take the application, this process also allows for contingencies as well, due to the unpredictable competition out there. What continuous planning allows is a solid foundation of goals to achieve the big picture.

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