Moving Forward Through COVID 19 With Devops Part 1

With the tragic outbreak of COVID 19, many companies were ford to go digital within a short period of time. No matter how good the individual human capital was within a company, collaboration and teamwork became a skill as important as any other skill. Every company came up with its own version of DevOps depending upon their projects and workforce and this trend will grow and but it is very important not to overdo it also. 


According to a report from GitHub, developer activities have been consistent or in some cases litter higher than the average when compared with 2019. Developers have been working a little longer due to working remotely, organizations, and people have been collaborating more on open source projects. GitHub has seen an increase in paid and free users, this rise has been parallel and never been seen before. This rise indicates that the collaborative nature of the IT sector has increased, the is especially true when it was seen this rise in GitHub accounts was similar across the regions of the world. 

Going Digital 

It’s not only IT workers who are dependent on digital services, but its also the common folks who have started e-commerce at a higher frequency, streaming services have started becoming a competition for broadcasting services, multiplayer games have become a new norm among the players, in short everyone is going digital even it is for entirely different reasons. 

Scaling Up 

This sudden surge in online services has meant that companies have been scaling up their operations left and right. A supermarket chain reported that they have scaled up their digital operations by 42% within a matter of months, previously they charted this over a period of three years instead of 2 months. This has, in turn, has put pressure on systems that were not designed to handle this kind of load or systems that cannot be scaled up in a matter of days or hours. 

Naturally Collaborative 

DevOps has a higher emphasis on collaboration that any other workflow, organizations are adopting to their own version of DevOps, according to their end goal and their existing workforce. DevOps places an equal emphasis on collaboration and tools, this means that developers need to communicate with the team while being flexible too. 

But Why DevOps? 

To be fair, online applications now have to meet the demands of an exploding Populus who expect e-commerce to be the same going to the nearby store. It is not just COIVD which has been a total shock to the system, it’s also the sudden spike in traffic as well. Applications have to be flexible while scaling up or in terms in DevOps, companies need to adopt the principles of continuous delivery. No workflow does continuous delivery like DevOps, in any other workflow continuous delivery is risky as it involves code freezes and multiple teams working on the continuous delivery, but in DevOps continuous delivery is done in smaller scales as continuous testing makes sure that application is stable even with the new changes.

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