Moving Forward Through COVID 19 With Devops Part 2

So, applications are scaling up bit by bit, companies who are seamlessly scaling up their application are seen as innovative and highly efficient. So why can’t others do the same? To begin with, with the exception of DevOps no other workflows handle unforeseen circumstances as well as DevOps. In the case of Agile, teams are always one sprint behind the world, and the changes in it, in the case of Scrum, changing direction is as easy reversing a semi-trailer truck in a snow Strom with zero visibility. So companies will and are implementing their own version of DevOps with what they have, but how effective that can be in the long run is something you could contact our DevOps consultants about. 

Decoupling release and deployment 

With traditional workflow methodologies, it is difficult to divorce the two actions, but with DevOps things are different. Product and testing teams can work on new releases about their bugs and features (not confusing the two like Bethesda) and developers can deploy meaning changes without overall hauling their entire application overnight. End users also get the best version of the application on a regular interval or on a regular basis to be more realistic. 

One Dream One Team 

Given how everyone on the DevOps team has the same goal unlike in agile or scrum, the pandemic has shown the importance of collaboration even when everyone is not in the same room. The flexibility of DevOps makes sure that no unforeseen circumstances to rigid for its flexibility. For example, meetings in agile and scrum are about planning about the next sprint and marking off completed tasks with respect to pending tasks. In scrum meeting are about refining backlog and sprint planning, none of the methodologies mentioned is flexible. 

Mr White Hat 

The elephant in the room that no one is talking about is security, with the increase in internet activities and online transactions it is not long before, people with nefarious intentions will show what they are capable of. The recent hack of Twitter shows the vulnerability of companies that we share our private details with. Security is part of the DevOps, while other methodologies see security as an expensive optional extra, Devops considers it as an integral part of the process. 

From Pandemic To Eternity 

Hoping that COVID 19 is not embracing DevOps and reinventing itself, companies should embrace DevOps for it flexibility to work through the worse pandemic in a century as long as a company whose human capital values and shares the end goal. Right now many companies may not be trying to innovative but instead trying to scale up their online capabilities But with DevOps, companies can innovate beyond the active COVID timeframe as well, leverage every human asset into the right direction with everyone on the same page with DevOps. 

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