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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a collective process that automates all process’ between software development (Dev) and Information Technology operations (Ops) teams to build, test, and release software more swiftly. The concept of DevOps breaks the wall between the development team and the operations team, creating marvels in various industries. Quality and speed of development are the significant parameters of DevOps.

Cut the long story short – DevOps in simple terms can be understood as the innovative outputs generated in jaw-dropping speed by the incredible combination of Software Development (Dev) and Information Technology Operations (Ops) which ultimately shortens the life cycle of systems development.

What is DevOps capable of?

Techies of the era are awestruck at the rapid developments and innovations happening in DevOps. 

  • Companies such as Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and Ericsson have come up with promising and cutting-edge innovations using the 5g cellular network which has already hit the tech market creating massive impact.
  • The scope of DevOps is growing significantly making it one of the mainstream strategical tool for leading companies such as Dockers, Kubernetes, IBM, AT&T and others of various industries. Organizations from several sectors have already initiated serious investments on projects involving Automation, Artificial Intelligence, 5g cellular network, Cloud Computation, Edge Computation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and what not?
  • DevOps has got an ingenious ability to transform personnel from narrow streamed professional to wide streamed professional with its scope that spreads across developmental and operational activities.
  • DevOps jobs that include key roles such as DevOps Architects, Automation Engineers, Integration Specialists, Software Testers, Security Engineers and Software Engineers bring about decisive and infrastructural changes not only to the projects that they are involved in but also to the markets which reap its benefits.
  • DevOps has the ability to manage IT infrastructure as required by the software.

How can DevOps be enforced successfully?

Organizations along with the help of Government should ensure the availability of efficient and workable roadmap for the delivery of innovative projects.

Government shall promote and make necessary arrangements for DevOps seminars and research activities.

Companies of all sectors should be active users of DevOps not because of its trendiness in the tech market but to spur revolutionary and innovative projects. 

Organizations must be well-aware and educated of the capabilities of DevOps and the phenomenal future that will be built on it. 


DevOps is not just that aspect of the world which affects only those working with it but it also has significant impact on the users due to its various application. People of diverse sectors already have hands-on experience artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 5g cellular network and similar state-of-the-art innovations. Companies investing in such ground-breaking projects look forward to delivering competent products which are capable to further enhance the experience of users.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is one of the vital parameters that play crucial role in deciding the pulse of the economy in a nation, successively deciding the stability of the government. Hence it is essential for the Government to promote productions

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