devops as a service will change in 2021 with these trends

DevOps as a service will change in 2021 with these trends

As we all know the outbreak of Coronavirus has been affecting every industry including IT services. DevOps as a service is no exception. In this era of digitized, mobilized and cloudified enterprises, DevOps has got utmost importance. In software development, its approaches and methodologies have a great impact on your company.

The path before us is digital transformation. Especially in this state of unknown and disordering. DevOps as a service is inevitable for the success of any business. It is great in the era of changing technologies and approaches. DevOps is a methodology for effective software development and timely delivery of end product adopted by companies despite the size.

The important future trends in DevOps for 2021
Popularity for Microservice architecture

DevOps as a service works better with microservice with its independent connected units. Rapid delivery of intricate applications needs DevOps to work in an independent manner. When combined with microservice, it can save a lot of resources such as time and cost.

The advantages of the approach are:
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Bespoke solutions
  • A small team can manage the entire units
Increased adoption of DevSecOps

The remote work setup will remain for some time and small, medium-sized and large scale companies are embracing DevSecOps for streamlined workflow and more productivity. Besides, security is a major concern and the solution is the integration of DevSecOps. DevOps as a service get more security when integrated with DevSecOps.

The advantages of DevSecOps are:
  • Fast response to an array of needs
  • Better agility and security
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Detection and mitigation of vulnerabilities
  • Better communication
Advancement in infrastructure Automation tools

The implementation of advanced infrastructure is beneficial for automated delivery services, customer-focused operations and robust improvements.

The advantages of DevSecOps are:
  • Automated workflows
  • Less workforce
  • Better reliability
  • Great speed
  • Improved collaboration
Cutting edge predictive analytics in DevOps

Predictive analytics is vital for preventing latency and future needs. In this way, it can ensure timely software delivery. Besides, a better understanding of the resources will be helpful in the near future.

Benefits of predictive analytics in DevOps
  • Less unplanned downtime
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Better maintenance
  • Performance of assets
  • Quick software delivery
The amalgamation of ML and AI

Machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven approach in DevOps will be prominent in the future for its winning benefits.

Benefits of predictive analytics in DevOps
  • More agility
  • Optimized environment
  • Shortened releases
  • Great customer experience
  • Issues can be identified in the infantry stage of development
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