how containerization helps devops for startups

How containerization helps DevOps for startups

DevOps is a mindset that enables better collaboration and on-time product delivery. It ensures streamlined workflow between business, development, operations, and IT frameworks. DevOps movement is widely adopted by organizations around the world owing to its winning advantages. DevOps for startups are gaining attention and many sprouting startups and small business endeavors adopt it for fast product delivery.

DevOps for startups

DevOps for startups are facing many challenges in adopting successful DevOps. They find the new tools and practices are changing now and then making it impossible to attain maximum benefits from the DevOps pipeline. The software delivery management tools, tools, and protocols are changing at lightning speed, and adopting one may not assure the results intended. Such a constant change is a hindrance to the rhythm of DevOps practices. So, the solution is to embrace containerized engines into your IT operations.

What is containerization

DevOps for startups adopt containerization as it helps in many ways. Containerization makes the deployment, testing, building of pipelines simple and effective. It is lightweight in nature having everything required for running an application. It uses a shared operating system and runs applications in isolated user spaces. Or to simply put they are a comprehensive portable computing environment. It will have dependencies, libraries, configuration files, and operating systems. Therefore, it can run on a desktop, laptop, agile environment, or traditional infrastructure without any further configuration.

It simplifies the whole process of development, designing, and testing of software. Developers can distribute works in different production environments and it is pretty useful in these ways:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • High productivity
  • Secure development pipeline
  • More scalability
  • High modularity and security compliance
How containerization helps DevOps practices?

When you fuse DevOps with containers, it can bring these winning benefits into business:

  • Suitable for transitory environments

The transition of the environment is possible as these containers are lightweight in nature. Moreover, makes the deployment and testing easy with fewer resources.

  • Build once and deploy many

The binary of the application build once can be deployed in other environments with the help of ‘image’ used by the container engine.

  • Inflexible infrastructure

The concept of fixed infrastructure brand new in DevOps culture. Considering the requirements an infrastructure is built for a particular deployment.

  • Suitable for ‘As code’ concept

As code concept in DevOps is the best and it explains everything such as management of infrastructure, networks, uses of source code, and topologies. In short, the driving benefits of containers make it an ideal companion for DevOps.

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