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How to Implement DevOps in Legacy System? Part 2

Hello everyone, we are back with the second and last part of our blog series “How to Implement DevOps in Legacy System?”.Without further ado, let’s get started. Below listed are some few more steps you can follow to achieve successful implementation of   DevOps in your legacy system.

Automate infrastructure provisioning

With legacy systems, the time taken by developers to test or deploy increases considerably. The earlier an organization gets started with DevOps for their legacy systems the faster they can build a self-service infrastructure. The team can develop a playbook of their own  (documentation of steps/series for any manual task) with standard security baseline and other practices. Leveraging tools like Ansible developers roll-out environments with a single line of code as it enables legacy systems to manage code and code component configurations effectively.

Automated deployment of code

Automation can be infused in legacy systems with tools like AWS CodeDeploy, OctopusDeploy and Azure Pipelines. These tools are used to deploy legacy code. By utilizing containerisation technologies,legacy systems can be packaged and run on multiple instances very easily. The  real-time monitoring of application in production provides the full context to accelerate deployment cycles. You can measure the impact of every code change and monitoring environments with a popular tool called New Relic.

Infusing DevOps in your team

Irrespective of the myriad tools, technologies, and framework available, the real hurdle for an organization while implementing DevOps in their legacy system is addressing the mindset of their employees. The team and management need to buy the idea of DevOps and legacy systems. In fact, organizations should help employees discover how DevOps can improve their employee experience with planned work schedules and timely feedback.

In this era of born-digital, evolved practices, ever-changing technology, companies relying on legacy systems need to usher in the era of DevOps if they are to survive and succeed. Gone are the days of Waterfall Development, Monolithic Architectures, Physical Servers. The new game-changers are DevOps Practices, Microservices Architecture, Containers and Cloud technologies.Valuable data, experience and a large customer base coupled with DevOps can do wonders. Are you DevOps ready ??

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