do these myths hinder devops for startups hitting the milestones

Do these myths hinder DevOps for startups hitting the milestones?

DevOps is a mindset in which your company’s IT operations are carried out in a well-versed manner. DevOps Services can control all software, apps, products in a uniform way. From the development stage to the production stage, the DevOps approach to software development helps companies use their resources efficiently and achieve winning benefits than the waterfall model, the traditional approach for software development.

DevOps for startups have the potential to transform the entire development and deployment process into full automation by embracing rigid practices. But, many of the startups and other companies are still have no full picture of DevOps. They are taken the wrong perceptions about it and that is what hinders them from employing DevOps for startups.

The common myths about DevOps that we hear

DevOps employ a new approach to software development. This is also applicable for DevOps for startups.  It can create a flow of operation between operational team and development in many ways such as creating a foundation of a deployment pipeline, enable fast and reliable automated testing, enable continuous integration, practices of feedback, and continual learning and experiments.

  • DevOps replaces agile methods

Many think DevOps is the continuation of the agile journey that commenced in 2001. Agile practices are often seen as a medium for DevOps, owing to its ability to provide quality coding to customers within small teams. It is true that DevOps principles and practices are compatible with Agile.

Many DevOps practices occur as a result of our operations beyond the goal of flawless code at the end of iterations. DevOps ensure the code is always good, without errors. In other words, deployable in condition, with daily monitoring by developers for vulnerabilities.  

  • DevOps for startups always don’t work

It is true that now world-famous companies too experienced problems in their companies such as highly fatal code releases that are prone to collapse, lack of swiftness to employ new features to beat the competitive curve, security compliance concerns and lack of flow between development and operation. These problems came as part of their waterfall model.

But these organizations could elevate their operations into a smooth curve using DevOps possibilities. They could transform their technical practices and architecture for astonishing results. Therefore, employing DevOps has benefits. 

  • DevOps is incompatible with IT service management

In reality, DevOps practices are compatible with the ITIL process. Many areas of the ITIL process are automated and this can solve many problems associated with the release management cycle. 

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