how devsecops consulting ensure devops workflow

How DevSecOps consulting ensure DevOps workflow?

DevOps-centric organizations are seen almost everywhere as all knew its considerable benefits over the waterfall model. It ensures fast software development and efficiency with minimal threats. However, the question of security still needs to be incorporated in DevOps. A DevSecOps consulting can be a great help. They can employ DevSecOps tools for a great workflow in DevOps.Β 

What isΒ  DevSecOps

It is an approach to how continuous integration, software delivery, and deployment are merged in a pipeline. It is a philosophy that ensures greater workflow in the DevOps team for smoother operations. For this, DevSecOps consulting uses IT automation tools. DevSecOps is a merging of development, operation, and security. More than anything, it ensures and monitors security measures from development to end product.

Security compliance is the responsibility of every member of the team; including developers and operational. Likewise, to have a better result, it is wise to incorporate the whole team for automated security checks for all phases of the software delivery.Β 

The DevSecOps tools for great workflow
  • Plan

The planning phase is an exception for automation, where security analysis takes place. The whole team plans ahead about how to execute security measures, when and how often it will be tested and so on. There are many planning tools available in the market and the best DevSecOps consulting service makes use of these tools. Some of them are IriusRisk, Jira Software, and Slack.Β 

  • Code

As you can see coding has to be perfect without any flaws. Securing the written code from attackers is tough but not impossible. Code reviews, code analysis, and code integration can be easily executed with the help of tools like SpotBugs, PMD, and CheckStyle.Β 

  • Build

Build phase analysis is a frequent phenomenon that starts with installing dependencies. It is the duty of DevSecOps consulting to ensure these are free of malware. What they do is scan these third-party dependencies in SonarQube or Snyk.

  • Test

The deployment stage or testing environment is where testing takes place. Open source and paid tools are used for testing various attributes against high vulnerability issues such as sensitive data exposure and broken authentication.

  • Release

It is where the tested application code is executed. The aim is to secure the runtime environment by determining threats in the infrastructure with the help of values like network firewall access. Puppet, Docker is the prominent configuration management tools for best practices.

  • Deployment

The deployment phase goes well. If the abovementioned phases are successful. The live production system needs security systems and Osquery, TripWare, Falco are the best tools for testing the product. In this way, you can determine if it works as envisioned.Β 

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