how do you define devsecops consulting and its practices in your business

How do you define DevSecOps consulting and its practices in your business?

DevSecOps is the powerful mindset adopted by millions of companies all over the world despite their size. Software delivery and fast deployment are the results of adopting DevSecOps. But, it is tough to maintain it all safely due to cyber attackers. They are voraciously seeking ways to conquer your Kubernetes or Docker. Many agile tools are available in the market to secure your corporate data. Most importantly the whole pipeline of activities must be safe. Understanding DevSecOps consulting is vital for your business success.

DevSecOps Consulting and its importance

DevSecOps consulting is nowadays prominent among many businesses. It helps you safely adopt DevSecOps into your business. It focuses on security in the software development life cycle (SDLC). Each stage of the development cycle is tested simultaneously for maintaining security. In DevSecOps consulting, security is the responsibility of everyone in the team. Therefore, all vulnerabilities are identified in the early stages of development. It is important to secure your data and other credentials from being exposed. With a qualified DevSecOps consulting service, you will never fail to update security measures. 

Proven practices in DevSecOps
  • Shift-left approach

The development cycle must be secure enough to threat free. It can be executed by embracing the security left approach. In this way, you can ensure a quality application also reduce the security threats during the development stage. 

  • Create advanced threat modeling

DevSecOps ensure streamlined workflow among the team using advanced threat modeling. This is an approach where the DevSecOps consultant creates foresee vulnerabilities and secures them from the attacker’s perspective. So, developers can easily detect flaws in their code and rewrite them for the best results. Besides, it can exhibit weak points of the entire architecture despite coding.

  • Well versed training for developers

Hands-on experience and skillset give ample confidence for developers to handle all security flaws. Training is mandatory to increase the overall security of the project. 

  • Security as a code

Security as a code is the brand new DevSeOps practice for top-notch security. The development stage will have full-fledged security. Here all security measures are implemented early stages of the development for discovering vulnerable code prior to deployment.

The DevSecOps tools

We have often seen multiple checkpoints in DevSecOps for measuring security threats. Many tools are employed for making these security measures at different stages of development. 

About us 

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