What are the deployment and configuration tools in DevOps

What are the deployment and configuration tools in DevOps?

DevOps has come a long way and is now an integral part of any IT company. Companies realized the importance of the togetherness of developers and operations in each phase of software development. All developers are engaged in the production stage along with the system professionals. To render optimal software development, reliable DevOps adoption is mandatory. Such a DevOps approach ensures relevant work and quality. DevOps tools in each phase play an important role. The deployment and configuration tools help in automating the whole system thus making the lives of people easier. 

Deployment and configuration 

Deployment and configuration tools are mostly used by system administrators. Their ideal job is to match users’ desires and products. The adeptness is calculated by how picky they are when it comes to selecting hardware and software along with system configuration. DevOps consulting services use tools so as to provide different levels of automation to help in the system configuration and deployment process. 

Deployment and configuration tools

There are many deployment and configuration tools available in the market. Among them, Puppet is considered to be the best tool.

  • Puppet

Puppet is one of the best and renowned configuration management tools used by DevOps engineers. It lets you define the system infrastructure without any need to rely on human resources within the current state. Controlling and configuring the servers, containers or virtual machines are executed in an automated fashion rather than manually. This saves a lot of time and effort for system administrators and they can allocate time for more important tasks. For instance, they can work on other ongoing projects and provide your business with more value. 

Puppet tool automates every task of software delivery. Provisioning, orchestration, reporting, code development through testing, updates and production release are managed and automated by Puppet.  The tool is reliable as it provides constancy and stability. 

  • Chef

Chef is a tool created by Opscode. It uses code to define IT infrastructure. The coding makes it an easy to use deployment and configuration tool. It brings servers and other services together using code. All intricate management and configuration of applications are automated using Chef. It can manage any size of the application. 

  • Rancid

All history of changes is stored in Ancid using CVS subversion. It usually monitors device configuration covering software and hardware. It also supports logging scripts and can use telnet to connect a device. Besides, the use of CVS subversion maintains a history of changes. 

  • Ansible 

The automation tool, Ansible is used to configure systems, deploy software and roll updates in no time. Simplicity and maximum ease of use make the tool appealing for developers. It also provides great importance to security. The tool can work in a small environment as well as a big enterprise environment. Ansible depends on the operating system for credentials.

The language it uses is easy to decipher by humans; even those, not well-known programming. Ansible manages everything in an agentless manner using features like Open SSH for transport and if required it can pair with LDAP as well as other centralized authentication management systems. 

In a nutshell

DevOps is the new paradigm shift used by many companies and soon more companies will embrace DevOps solutions. To reap the full benefits from DevOps, the adoption must be carried out in the right manner. DevOps can be divided into four categories; log monitoring, monitoring, build and test and deployment and configuration. The DevOps tools in each phase determine the quality of software development. 

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