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All about event-driven automation and why should you go for it?

When you look into the CALMS model of DevOps you can find an A that stands for automation. Automation is the main factor that helps to minimize “toil”. ‘’ Doing DevOps means you are using technically advanced automation tools and strategies. Now “toil” is nothing but the type of work that occurs while running a manual production service. “Toil” can also be devoid of enduring value, can be automated, continual, and tactical, and is something that linearly scales up as a service grows. 

Automation stack  

The automation stack found in the tool kit of a modern-day operations engineer will have several layers. They are event-driven automation, orchestration (K8S) code pipelines, policy-as code, configuration-as-code, and infrastructure-as-code. In this blog, we will be focusing on the topmost layer known as event-driven automation. This is one section that is continuously emerging as a focal point of innovation and development. 

Event-driven automation

To begin with, let’s see what is the meaning of the word event? As per ITIL terminology, an event can be defined as the “change or alteration of a state that is significant in managing an IT service or any configuration item (CI). This is like a sweet fancy way to say “there’s something that just happened now that you need to take care of” An event, in itself can never be judged as a good one or bad one. Often you will see an order of events that ranges from informational, error, warning, and so on. To view and have control over the events is possible when you have event monitoring tools like DataDog. Proper monitoring of events is a crucial activity for daily operations to ensure that events don’t result in an incident which can be an unplanned interruption and lead to the quality reduction of the IT service.

Eradicate toil with automation

What if we can automate an event and successfully eradicate toil to make the work easy for our support teams? That’s where advanced event-driven automation tools pitch in. Event-driven automation tools work on the principles of workflows and triggers for automating routine activities. Usually when an event happens, (the trigger) starts a workflow. In response to the trigger, the workflow will proceed to be a chain of automated steps that occurs one after the other for performing the desired action. 

Tools for event-driven automation

Zapier is one of the most trusted event-driven automation tools available in the market today. This tool is a very successful frontrunner for low code and no code tools for event-driven automation. Automation became accessible to a larger segment of users because of Zapier’s ability for enabling seamless integration of the ecosystem of complete business applications into a common workflow. 

Stackstorm is another popular event-driven automation tool out there since 2012. This tool is very effective for automated remediation, automated security response, and continuous deployment. Stackstorm provides actions, rules, and sensors that can be merged for solving sophisticated remediation actions.

The event-driven automation tool Argo is an assortment of Kubernetes-native tools that are effective in resolving continual deployment hurdles for the cloud-native applications. 

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