devops for startups or agile for startups what is the difference

DevOps for startups or Agile for startups: What is the difference?

Agile and DevOps. These are the new philosophies or mindset have a tremendous influence on IT operations. Both have got much relevance and changes in the long run. DevOps for startups have shaped the way software development takes place. And the way you do business. 

The reality is the finite line between DevOps and Agile is difficult to draw. They are relatable yet different. It is all a blur.

Both are combinations of software development and operations. And aim to provide a relentless software development process.  Small teams in Agile makes collaboration easy while focusing on iterative development. Being an entrepreneur, you might think DevOps for startups is better than Agile?

The differences

DevOps for startups mainly used for software development and Agile’s also aim to ease the software development. The goal is the same but they use different approaches to reach there.

Developers get a defined set of principles to work with. They have a set of responsibilities, rules and principles. Fast and timely releases are what drives the entire concept. Some of the benefits of agile are quality, agility, collaboration and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, DevOps work on shared responsibility. For example, DevOps for startups means smooth collaboration between the operational team and development. Often changing their responsibilities or merging them.

In short, DevOps is an agile application that comprises all phases of software development. DevOps have many winning advantages for business, If you embrace DevOps for startups, you get the following benefits:

  • Speed
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • High security
  • Collaboration

DevOps and Agile are two different methodologies for great software development that aims to have easiness and customer satisfaction. Both use different methods. However, DevOps is not a replacement for agile. Instead, it is a unique approach to software development. As many teams have found that they have a major issue to fix for improving the speed and efficiency of product delivery. This is because the operational team and development team do not have any communication between what is going on in their teams.

When DevOps came into practice, the line between the Development team and operational team fade away. In DevOps, they work together for developing software and each team member have a clear idea about each development that takes place.

Agile development has got its own characteristics. But, DevOps has more benefits than Agile for startups. 


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