how azure devops act as the best toolchain for devops

How Azure DevOps act as the best toolchain for DevOps

It is crystal clear that using DevOps is essential for an IT company’s success and cloud infrastructure has also critical importance. In Azure DevOps, you can have the best of both worlds. DevOps and culture will remain prevalent and with Azure, it will be super easy for teams to implement DevOps practices in these disruptive environments. All the key components of DevOps such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, automate build integration, continuous deployment works great with Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps is a set of modern services which is used to plan smarter, collaborate better and ship faster for the success of your project by Microsoft cloud platform, Azure.

It has the following components:
  • Azure Boards
  • AzureRepos
  • AzurePipeline
  • AzureTest plans
  • Azure Artifacts
Developing DevOps practices with Azure DevOps

Your organization needs DevOps, a critical component for success. But, with Azure DevOps, you get the proper tools for providing great software development. Software development cycle witness a high pace and productivity as shipping of software take place faster. It is open and extensible and works with any kind of application despite differences in cloud, framework, and platform. 

It is a Saas platform and helps in developing the best DevOps practices for the development and deployment of software. The prebuilt tools are very helpful in managing, running, deploying different applications with ease. Its architecture is designed in a way to ensure the proper functioning of pipelines for building and releasing applications through CI/CD automation. 

Azure DevOps is flexible and toolkit are also extensible in nature. The great integration of the market’s best tools makes the Azure DevOps the best DevOps orchestrator. Better DevOps tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible can be used in an efficient manner. 

  • Timely updates on new features  

Timely access to new features makes Azure DevOps a matchless platform for applying DevOps practices. 

  • Never worry about upgrades

Being a provider of Saas products Microsoft ensures there is no need to worry about upgrading. 

  • Reliability

You can count on Azure services as it support is provided all day, that is 24*7. 

  • CI/CD

Continuous integration and continuous deployment are great with Azure. Developers can design, build, test, deploy and test applications. 

  • Great support for tools

It supports and makes any project easy

  • Jenkins
  • JIRA
  • GitLab
  • TFS

In short, it is the perfect platform for getting the desired flow, efficiency and flexibility while incorporating DevOps practices. Azure’s complete set of tools are perfect for any DevOps team. Thus, it has got a universal application. 

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